I don't understand that Fergo joke? ۔

When M and Lou sat in the car after checking the scene, they talked about the license plates.

The soldier wrote DLR on his license plate, Lou thought it was a DLR, but M said it meant a drug dealer.

Then he told this joke (?): Did you hear the guy who couldn't buy the board he wanted, so he changed his name to J3L2404?

I do not understand.


I think it will become your license plate, but it doesn't cost as much to get a license plate, no matter how many numbers or letters are printed on it.

This is because his current license plate is J3L2404 and since he wanted a custom name plate (which is usually a car name) and could not bear the license plate with your name on it, He changed his name to a name plate. . That way, your name and license plate are the same, so it feels personal. Understand?

I have received that it is not allowed to get a pay weight pass if permettre des assettes personalisés, il a change are nom for qu'il assetiet al'atuire qu'il avait déjà, it donc deven de personionisée puisqueant c'lasttatait principal name.

Custom markers cost more and you pay a fee each year to maintain them.