Iveco Daily Tyre Pressure

Iveco Daily Tyre Pressure

What is the tire pressure in psi of 3.5 ton Iveco pickup truck? 3

The truck may have a tire pressure label somewhere. Otherwise, it will definitely be in the hands of the bidder. It also depends on the weight of the van. By one estimate, I would say 40 for light duty, maybe 50+ for heavy load.

Iveco daily tire pressure

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What is the tire pressure in psi for 3.5 ton Iveco van?

Stasis understood ... and pressure feels good ... he talks about tires ... he picks up a flashlight and reads the small print on the tire wall ... says something ... call ... ... stamp single and double tire ... blah blah ... in my head ... just a print on the front and twins on the back ...

But not too much to be sure, because it will impress your king too much.

Mac / Model has nothing to do with it.

The tires counted. Different tires require different grades.

what do you think? 40 ~ 45 psi

Iveco Daily Tyre Pressure