Definition of Itinerary:

  1. A complete itinerary and detailed route of transportation resources.

  2. Planned route or trip.

Synonyms of Itinerary

Finding list, Baedeker, Air lane, Trajectory, Telephone directory, Phone book, Primrose path, Business directory, Bibliography, Shortcut, Path, Catalog, Guidebook, Classified directory, Road map, Trajet, Reference book, Run, Road, Traject, Handlist, City directory, Directory, Handbook, Sea lane, Index, Checklist, Trade route, Telephone book, Course, Orbit, Round, Line, Walk, Flight path, Yellow Pages, Roadbook, Beat, Circuit, Tour, Route, Track

How to use Itinerary in a sentence?

  1. The night her daughter was playing, Lee used this route to get to school.
  2. The itinerary also includes an official visit to Canada.
  3. Your flight must be scheduled so we can find people to meet you in this city.
  4. We started our business journey with a hard journey, but left the last days of our journey open for easy fun.

Meaning of Itinerary & Itinerary Definition