Iterative process

Iterative process,

Definition of Iterative process:

  1. A process for arriving at a decision or a desired result by repeating rounds of analysis or a cycle of operations. The objective is to bring the desired decision or result closer to discovery with each repetition (iteration). The iterative process can be used where the decision is not easily revocable (such as a marriage or war) or where the consequences of revocation could be costly.

How to use Iterative process in a sentence?

  1. You should understand how the iterative process may be able to make your company grow in ways you never though possible.
  2. The jury used the iterative process to resolve the case by going through the method of operation of the accused several times.
  3. We were sure it would work because it was an iterative process and it would allow us to make a lot of rounds on it.

Meaning of Iterative process & Iterative process Definition