Definition of Iterate:

  1. To repeat. A function or computer program can iterate through a process. A person can also reiterate something they previous said, in order to make their point or to make something clearer.

  2. Perform or utter repeatedly.

  3. A quantity arrived at by iteration.

Synonyms of Iterate

Repeat, Recapitulate, Go through again, Go over again, Run through again, Rehearse, Battologize, Fill, Give an encore, Go over, Go through, Ingeminate, Pad, Practice, Reaffirm, Reassert, Recapitulate, Recite, Recount, Rehash, Rehearse, Reissue, Reiterate, Renew, Reprint, Reprise, Resay, Restate, Resume, Retail, Retell, Review, Reword, Run over, Say over, Say over again, Sum up, Summarize, Tautologize

How to use Iterate in a sentence?

  1. The birds call is a monotonously iterated single note.

Meaning of Iterate & Iterate Definition