Itachi Face Lines

Itachi Face Lines

What are the wrinkles on Itachi's face? 3

Haddan was probably the closest to the finish line, probably because of the long hours of work and the lack of sleep due to all the pressure to maintain the Ochiha tribe's proud position. This meant that Itachi and Sasukes put a lot of pressure on Itachi, so it made sense.

Looks like pieces as shown in the PTO condition.

In the case of bites, Itachi can catch because Itachi does not have a good relationship with him.

As Haddon put it, there was a bit of tension, but not from lack of sleep, but from the start, his sneezing and tension reached a higher goal with his Dojutsu.

It's not that Itatchi never smiles.

Most of the time he walks.

So I think that's a line.

Stress track

Itachi Face Lines

Itachi Face Lines

There is a wound with his hat when he

Lines of laughter, lolol

It is a bag over their heads.

Itachi Face Lines