It Will Be Great To See You Again

It Will Be Great To See You Again

The girl said it would be great to see! Your Answer? ۔

We have a text message. She said she would love to see him in the end.

We haven't seen each other in months. I liked it. I don't know if he likes me, but we went out once and that's it.

What would you answer?

Obviously, at least he has some interest in you, I don't know if he really likes you, but you will definitely get a chance. You can respond with an invitation anywhere, just like any other date. You know it, so make sure you know how it happened to both of you.

You should respond as usual because it is unusual, so repeat as if you have remembered the good old days. Or can't wait to see you, are you busy (day)? And I think it invites you directly.

You can also say "yes" if you wish. As a girl I would love to read this if you don't want to answer please or maybe just a smiling face. You don't have to lead them, but you don't have to laugh at them if you reject them. OK for example :) X

I want to meet you too

If you don't like someone, would you say you would like to see them? This is simple math.

It Will Be Great To See You Again