Definition of Issue:

  1. Your own children

  2. The act of entering or leaving.

  3. Important topics or topics for discussion or debate.

  4. Points of debate or controversy.

  5. The result or effect of something.

  6. Provide (something) or distribute.

  7. Offering securities (shares or bonds) to the general public through stock exchanges or to small groups through private placements.

  8. Provide or distribute items for use, sale or government purposes.

  9. Come, go or go.

Synonyms of Issue

Unresolved, Liberation, Gush, Set off, Overscatter, Publication, Untangling, Publish, Fit out, Publication, Effect, Cross-question, Award, Put out, Commitment, Cardinal point, Come about, Flood, Give, Setting-free, Heirs, Materialize, Text, In dispute, Conclusion, Come, Multigraph, Track, Rescue, Discharge, End, Flow in, Chapter, Become manifest, Get, Enter, Pour forth, Result, Point, Vouchsafe, Come in sight, Living issue, Stamp, Moot point, Matter, Oversow, Issuing, Bestow on, Nub, Break, Household, At issue, Distribution, Dole, Render, Disagree, Stream, Sorting out, Impression, Utter, Leak out, Upshot, Pull, Proffer, Diffract, Gush forth, Treasures, Meat, Break through, Proclaim, Getaway, Solving, Affair, Catechism, Publishing, Inheritors, Print, By-product, Interest, Pass around, Issue forth, Interpretation, Material point, Finding, Buzz about, Issuance, Go the rounds, Item, Stem, Question mark, Youngsters, Volume, Matter in hand, Provide, Origination, Confer, Bail out, Activity, Stream, Disentanglement, Gist, Become of, Torrent, Be born, Opus, Matter, Eventuation, Shell out, Jump out, Overtake, Dish out, Printing, Uncertain, Ebb, Come to hand, Cascade, Corollary, Sons or daughters, Sow, Make, Breed, Unscrambling, Present, Equip, Copy, Extrude, Airing, Resolving, Ooze out, Sally, Upshot, High point, Emerge, Show up, Matter in question, Kernel, Point at issue, Fan out, Solution, Extract, Precipitate, Splay, New generation, Net result, Decoding, Babies, School edition, Get off, Book, Break out, Develop, Event, Great-grandchildren, Announce, Determination, Controversy, Offshoot, Pour out, Show, Real issue, Devalue, Emerge, Emission, Take issue, Get about, Substantive point, Offspring, Heart, Exit, End product, Discharge, Bandying, The bottom line, Question at issue, Flow out, Loom, Younglings, Great point, Mass movement, Communicate, Escape, Spring, Go about, Efflux, Give freely, Climax, Throw off, Children, Collection, Come, Get abroad, Impress, Proclamation, Theme, Great cause, Campaign, Overprint, Vexed question, Consequent, Consummation, Child, Accomplishment, Rear its head, Hostages to fortune, Peep out, Issuing, Sons, Prisonbreak, Help to, Snow, Production, Come forth, Pith, Sequel, Take rise, Ascertainment, Flush, Fare, Outrush, Flight, Topic, The point, Extrusion, Thing, Little ones, Outcrop, Lavish, Heirs, Flow, Turn up, Hearth, Strew, Accoutre, Bruiting about, Concern, Subject, Effect, Flotation, Surfacing, Progeniture, Offer, Essential, End, Grant, Program, Sequela, Set forward, Imprint, Sequent, Retail, Protrude, Emanation, Go after, Crux, Fruit, Become public, Arm, Circulation, Eventuate, Telecasting, Deluge, Trend, Sequence, Dissemination, Youngsters, Subject matter, Pivot, Gush, Spreading, Question, Go forth, Issue stock, Focus of attention, Kids, Start off, Mete, Disembogue, Milestone, Product, Derivative, Disburse, Library, Substance, Stock issue, Gift, Propagate, Mimeograph, Decipherment, Get out, Give off, Flood, Reason for being, Rush, Flow forth, Give forth, Vent, Spurt, Reprint, Denouement, Heave in sight, Finding-out, Version, Spoon out, Series, Portion out, Propagation, Rig out, Untwisting, Rising generation, See the light, Contend, Proceed, Main thing, Drive, Faith, Legacy, Dole out, Come to be, Outflow, Keystone, Emersion, Demonetize, Float, Regurgitate, Motive, Crowning achievement, Fly about, Get around, Debouch, Effuse, Pan out, Outgrowth, Posterity, Start, Rise, Egress, Distribute, Bring out, Spread like wildfire, Topic, Prove, Escapism, Follow up, Masterpiece, Spread about, Diffuse, Set out, Core, Opuscule, Outfit, Important thing, Diverge, Leakage, Creature, Promulgation, Eventuality, Appear, Get to be, Measure out, Edition, Theme, Offspring, Broadcasting, Freeing, Culmination, Fundamental, Resultant, Spring up, Spread, Trail, Outgoing, Daughters, Seep forth, Development, Be off, Point at issue, Dispense, Pull a proof, Nut, Slip, Crisis, Outcome, Irrupt, Prove to be, Flow, Feeler, Bruiting, Landmark, Course, Arise, Declare, Heap, Unsettled, Menage, Cracking, Jet, Displace, Keynote speech, Come forth, Become, Ensue, Reissue, Radiate, Answer, Cornerstone, Get exposure, Consequence, Emit, Send forth, Outcome, Conclusion, Composition, Rubric, Extrication, Outset, Succeed, Come after, Supervene, Riddance, Leak, Oppose, Unriddling, House, Deliver, Outstart, Periodical, Come out, Accord, Evasion, New mintage, Folks, Remonetize, Subject, Family, Debating point, Sine qua non, Put to press, Find vent, Originate, Outflowing, Result, Overspread, Follow after, Interrogative, Disperse, Go public, Deal out, After-effect, Devaluate, Birth, Follow, Principle, Dispose, Manufacture, Progeny, Donate, Scions, Parcel out, Gift with, Rain, End result, Resolution, Query, Reason, Interrogatory, Serve, Deal, Bestow, Surface, Release, Deliverance, Ooze out, Administer, Gravamen, Supply, Platform, Question, Fall out, Consequence, Jailbreak, Hectograph, Bone of contention, Proof, Debouchment, Revalue, Give out, Problem, Fade in, Scatter, Outpouring, Basis, Distillation, Crusade, Erupt, Invention, Diffusion, Come to light, Fit up, Issuance, Motif, Cross-interrogatory, Plank, Affair, Bestrew, Working-out, Gush out, Attend, Circulate, Display, Surge back, Extend, Ventilation, Pour, Put forth, Mete out, Crop out, Flow out, Flow back, Exude, Back number, Trade edition, Family, Run out, Riddling, Ooze forth, Release, Working, Leading question, Shower, Dispute, Set, Harvest, Homefolks, Impart, Outflow, Brood, Creation, Fork out, Break cover, Ooze, Concern, Strike out, Emanate, Cause, Point, Trade book, Scions, Declaration of policy, Logical outcome, People, Proceed, Fight, Focus of interest, Spreading abroad, Lifework, Library edition, Head, Break forth, Descendants, Let have, Emanate, Outlet, Breakout, Look forth, Unspinning, Get afloat, Mintage, Delivery, Furnish, Derivation, Interrogation, Allow, Descent, Young, Aftermath, Afford, Discharge, Take birth, Brainchild, Party platform, Burden, Promulgate, Argue, Surge, Point in question, Case, Kit out, Essence, Succession, Disseminate, Burst forth, Set forth, Masterwork, Denouement, Subject of thought, Spread out, Pay out, Yield, Come of, Turn out, Dispread, Evulgation, Emission, Case, Critical point, Successors, Tender, Have currency, Salient point, Sow broadcast, Engrave, Progeny, Terminate, Keynote address, Heading, Leader, Publishing, Hand out, Unfold, Unweaving, Gush, Sally forth, Pour, Seep out, Rush, Explanation, Work, Opera, Artifact, Business, Trial balloon, Work out, Bench mark, Allot, Concoction, Emergence, Turning point, Children, Seep, Crop up, Strike, Have origin, Broadcast, Demand, Start out, Lineage, Inquiry, Stream forth, Strike the eye, Essential matter, Come forward, Grandchildren, Clearing up, Chief thing, Take exception, Put to bed, Spread out, Circumfuse, Seed, Unraveling, Quodlibet, Handiwork, Number, Replace, Coinage, Descendants, End result, Come out, Become visible, Main point, Movement, Distillate

How to use Issue in a sentence?

  1. Licenses are assigned to each company at random.
  2. Such a plan is unlikely.
  3. Wanting to raise more money, the company decided to issue another 200,000 ordinary shares to sell to investors.
  4. Twist the matter.
  5. The neighboring building smells foreign.
  6. The problem is that people are generally reluctant to report sex crimes because they know they cannot be trusted or charged.
  7. Before making a team film, two of its players need to solve a problem that has kept them busy for some time.
  8. Issuance of promotional notes by the bank.
  9. The problem of global warming.
  10. She died without any male worries.

Meaning of Issue & Issue Definition

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What is Issue?

  1. One problem is the process of offering bonds to get money from investors. Companies can issue bonds or stocks to investors to finance the deal. The term number also refers to a series of stocks or bonds that are offered to the public and usually refers to a series of instruments issued in the offer.

    • The issue is offering bonds to investors in hopes of raising capital.
    • As long as there is an appetite for investors for corporate bonds, bonds can be made. This hunger is affected by the need of the company.
    • Continuing the shares may reduce the result which investors resist, but no interest is paid on the shares.

  2. Shares or bonds were sold at any time by a company or government agency.

  3. Issue definition is: 1. Objection to the dispute between the parties to the dispute. 2. For official delivery, how to order.

Meanings of Issue

  1. Provide or distribute (some)

  2. A topic or question that needs to be debated.

  3. The act of providing or distributing goods for government use, sale or purposes.

  4. The act of sinking or breaking.

  5. Baby for yourself

Sentences of Issue

  1. Exotic scent from the neighboring building

  2. The chances of such a program succeeding are slim.

  3. The heart of the matter

  4. He died without a child

Synonyms of Issue

puzzle , affair , contention , concern , point of departure , problem , controversy , topic , matter of contention , argument


Definition of Issue:

Issue refers to One problem is the process of offering bonds to raise funds from investors. Companies can issue bonds or stocks to investors as part of the company's finances. The term term refers to a series of shares or bonds that have been offered to the public and generally refers to the purpose for which they were issued in connection with an offer.

  • The problem is offering bonds to investors to raise capital.
  • The issuance of bonds can be canceled as long as there are investors in the company's debt. This application is affected by the company's solvency.
  • The issuance of new units may reduce the tendency to attract investors, but the units do not necessarily earn interest.

Issue means, Shares or bonds sold by a company or government at any time.

Issue can be defined as, 1. The purpose of the dispute between the parties to the dispute 2. to send it officially, for example. B. Place an order.

Meanings of Issue

  1. Discussing or discussing an important topic or topic.

  2. The act of supplying or distributing an item for government use, sale or purpose.

  3. The process of drowning or drowning

  4. Your baby.

Sentences of Issue

  1. The Bank of England issues banknotes.

  2. Counting is ■■■■ in which there are no male children.

Synonyms of Issue

invest, exuding, flow (out/forth), provision, fix up, effusion, effluence, occasion, ejection, exudation, ooze (out/forth), sending out, endow, supplying, spawn, proceeding, fruit of one's loins, seep (out/forth), accommodate, appearance, drainage, be transmitted, drain, be emitted


What is Issue?

Meaning of Issue: Issuance is the process by which bonds are offered to increase investor interest. Companies can issue bonds or stocks to investors as part of the company's finances.

  • One problem is the offer of new securities to investors for the purpose of raising capital.
  • The issuance of bonds can be canceled as long as there are investors in the company's debt. This app is influenced by the company's ability to pay bonds.
  • Continued issuance of shares leads to weakness which can result in share trading.

Meanings of Issue

  1. Discuss or discuss an important topic or topic.

  2. The act of providing or distributing something for government use, sale or purpose.

Sentences of Issue

  1. The Earl died without children.

  2. Exotic perfume emanating from neighboring buildings

Synonyms of Issue

be uttered, pay-off, purvey, pour (out/forth), welling, come (out/forth), secretion, disgorgement, gush (out/forth), excretion, situation, favour, effluent, outflux, venting, circumstance