Definition of Issue:

  1. Children of ones own.

  2. The action of flowing or coming out.

  3. An important topic or problem for debate or discussion.

  4. Point of discussion or dispute.

  5. A result or outcome of something.

  6. Supply or distribute (something).

  7. Offer of securities (shares or bonds) to general public through a stock exchange, or to a select group through a private placement.

  8. The action of supplying or distributing an item for use, sale, or official purposes.

  9. Come, go, or flow out from.

Synonyms of Issue

Accomplishment, Accord, Activity, Administer, Affair, Afford, Airing, Allot, Allow, Announce, Answer, Appear, Argue, Arise, Artifact, Ascertainment, At issue, Attend, Award, Back number, Bail out, Bandying, Basis, Be born, Be off, Become, Become manifest, Become of, Become public, Become visible, Bench mark, Bestow, Bestow on, Bestrew, Birth, Bone of contention, Book, Brainchild, Break, Break cover, Break forth, Break out, Break through, Breakout, Breed, Bring out, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Brood, Bruiting, Bruiting about, Burden, Burst forth, Buzz about, By-product, Campaign, Cardinal point, Case, Catechism, Cause, Chapter, Chief thing, Child, Children, Circulate, Circulation, Circumfuse, Clearing up, Climax, Coinage, Collection, Come, Come about, Come after, Come forth, Come forward, Come in sight, Come of, Come out, Come to be, Come to hand, Come to light, Commitment, Communicate, Composition, Concern, Conclusion, Concoction, Confer, Consequence, Consequent, Consummation, Contend, Controversy, Copy, Core, Cornerstone, Corollary, Course, Cracking, Creation, Creature, Crisis, Critical point, Crop out, Crop up, Cross-interrogatory, Cross-question, Crowning achievement, Crusade, Crux, Culmination, Daughters, Deal, Deal out, Debating point, Debouch, Debouchment, Decipherment, Declaration of policy, Declare, Decoding, Deliver, Deliverance, Delivery, Demand, Demonetize, Denouement, Derivation, Derivative, Descendants, Descent, Determination, Devaluate, Devalue, Develop, Development, Diffract, Diffuse, Diffusion, Disagree, Disburse, Discharge, Disembogue, Disentanglement, Dish out, Dispense, Disperse, Displace, Display, Dispose, Dispread, Dispute, Disseminate, Dissemination, Distillate, Distillation, Distribute, Distribution, Diverge, Dole, Dole out, Donate, Drive, Ebb, Edition, Effect, Efflux, Effuse, Egress, Emanate, Emanation, Emerge, Emergence, Emersion, Emission, Emit, End, End product, End result, Engrave, Ensue, Enter, Erupt, Escape, Escapism, Essence, Essential, Essential matter, Evasion, Event, Eventuality, Eventuate, Eventuation, Evulgation, Exit, Explanation, Extend, Extract, Extrication, Extrude, Extrusion, Fade in, Faith, Fall out, Family, Fan out, Fare, Feeler, Fight, Find vent, Finding, Finding-out, Flight, Float, Flood, Flotation, Flow, Flow back, Flow in, Flow out, Flush, Fly about, Focus of attention, Focus of interest, Folks, Follow, Follow after, Follow up, Fork out, Freeing, Fruit, Fundamental, Get, Get about, Get abroad, Get afloat, Get around, Get exposure, Get off, Get out, Get to be, Getaway, Gift, Gift with, Gist, Give, Give forth, Give freely, Give off, Give out, Go about, Go after, Go forth, Go public, Go the rounds, Grandchildren, Grant, Gravamen, Great cause, Great point, Great-grandchildren, Gush, Hand out, Handiwork, Harvest, Have currency, Have origin, Head, Heading, Heap, Heart, Hearth, Heave in sight, Hectograph, Heirs, Help to, High point, Homefolks, Hostages to fortune, House, Household, Impart, Important thing, Impress, Impression, Imprint, In dispute, Inheritors, Inquiry, Interest, Interpretation, Interrogation, Interrogative, Interrogatory, Invention, Irrupt, Issuance, Issue forth, Issue stock, Issuing, Jailbreak, Jump out, Kernel, Keynote address, Keynote speech, Keystone, Kids, Landmark, Lavish, Leader, Leading question, Leak, Leak out, Leakage, Legacy, Let have, Liberation, Library, Library edition, Lifework, Lineage, Little ones, Living issue, Logical outcome, Look forth, Loom, Main point, Main thing, Make, Manufacture, Mass movement, Masterpiece, Masterwork, Material point, Materialize, Matter, Matter in hand, Measure out, Meat, Menage, Mete, Mete out, Milestone, Mimeograph, Mintage, Moot point, Motif, Motive, Movement, Multigraph, New generation, New mintage, Nub, Number, Nut, Offer, Offshoot, Offspring, Ooze out, Opera, Oppose, Opus, Opuscule, Originate, Origination, Outcome, Outcrop, Outflow, Outgoing, Outgrowth, Outlet, Outset, Outstart, Overprint, Overscatter, Oversow, Overspread, Overtake, Pan out, Parcel out, Party platform, Pass around, Pay out, Peep out, People, Periodical, Pith, Pivot, Plank, Platform, Point, Point at issue, Point in question, Portion out, Posterity, Pour, Precipitate, Present, Principle, Print, Printing, Prisonbreak, Problem, Proceed, Proclaim, Proclamation, Product, Production, Proffer, Progeniture, Progeny, Program, Promulgate, Promulgation, Proof, Propagate, Propagation, Protrude, Prove, Prove to be, Publication, Publish, Publishing, Pull, Pull a proof, Put forth, Put out, Put to bed, Put to press, Query, Question, Question at issue, Question mark, Quodlibet, Radiate, Rain, Real issue, Rear its head, Reason, Reason for being, Regurgitate, Reissue, Release, Remonetize, Render, Replace, Reprint, Rescue, Resolution, Resolving, Result, Resultant, Retail, Revalue, Riddance, Riddling, Rise, Rising generation, Rubric, Run out, Rush, Salient point, Sally, Sally forth, Scatter, School edition, Scions, See the light, Seed, Send forth, Sequel, Sequela, Sequence, Sequent, Series, Serve, Set, Set forth, Set forward, Set off, Set out, Setting-free, Shell out, Show, Show up, Shower, Sine qua non, Slip, Snow, Solution, Solving, Sons, Sorting out, Sow, Sow broadcast, Splay, Spoon out, Spread, Spread about, Spread like wildfire, Spread out, Spreading, Spreading abroad, Spring, Spring up, Stamp, Start, Start off, Start out, Stem, Stock issue, Stream, Stream forth, Strew, Strike, Strike out, Strike the eye, Subject, Subject matter, Subject of thought, Substance, Substantive point, Succeed, Succession, Supervene, Surface, Surfacing, Surge, Surge back, Take birth, Take exception, Take issue, Take rise, Telecasting, Tender, Terminate, Text, The bottom line, The point, Theme, Throw off, Topic, Track, Trade book, Trade edition, Trail, Treasures, Trend, Trial balloon, Turn out, Turn up, Turning point, Uncertain, Unfold, Unraveling, Unresolved, Unriddling, Unscrambling, Unsettled, Unspinning, Untangling, Untwisting, Unweaving, Upshot, Utter, Vent, Ventilation, Version, Vexed question, Volume, Vouchsafe, Work, Work out, Working, Working-out, Yield, Young, Younglings, Youngsters, Issuing, Issuance, Publication, Publishing, Supply, Provide, Furnish, Arm, Equip, Fit out, Rig out, Kit out, Accoutre, Outfit, Fit up, Offspring, Descendants, Heirs, Successors, Children, Sons or daughters, Progeny, Scions, Family, Youngsters, Babies, Emanate, Emerge, Proceed, Exude, Discharge, Flow, Flow forth, Flow out, Pour, Pour forth, Pour out, Gush, Gush forth, Gush out, Come, Come forth, Come out, Seep, Seep forth, Seep out, Ooze, Ooze forth, Ooze out, Spread out, Matter, Matter in question, Affair, Business, Subject, Topic, Question, Point, Point at issue, Item, Thing, Case, Concern, Theme, Discharge, Emission, Release, Outflow, Outflowing, Outpouring, Outrush, Rush, Flood, Deluge, Spurt, Jet, Cascade, Stream, Torrent, Gush, Result, Outcome, Consequence, End result, Net result, Upshot, Effect, After-effect, Aftermath, Conclusion, End, Denouement

How to use Issue in a sentence?

  1. Licenses were issued indiscriminately to any company.
  2. The chance of carrying such a scheme to a successful issue was small.
  3. The company needed to raise more money, so it decided to issue 200,000 more shares of common stock to sell to investors.
  4. The point of issue.
  5. Exotic smells issued from a nearby building.
  6. The fact that people are often scared of reporting sexual crimes because they know they are unlikely to be believed and might even be blamed is a major issue.
  7. Before the team could movie forward, two of their players needed to address an issue , which had been bothering both of them for some time.
  8. The issue of promissory notes by the bank.
  9. The issue of global warming.
  10. He died without male issue.

Meaning of Issue & Issue Definition