Issue Price

Issue Price,

Issue Price:

  1. On the stock exchange, the price at which new shares, shares, etc. Offered to the public.

Literal Meanings of Issue Price


Meanings of Issue:
  1. Provide or distribute (some)

  2. A topic or question that needs to be debated.

  3. The act of providing or distributing goods for government use, sale or purposes.

  4. The act of sinking or breaking.

  5. Baby for yourself

Sentences of Issue
  1. Licenses are assigned randomly to each company.

  2. Exotic scent from the neighboring building

  3. The chances of such a program succeeding are slim.

  4. The heart of the matter

  5. He died without a child

Synonyms of Issue

supply, item, pour, point, outfit, offspring, proceed, end, point at issue, flow, outflowing, outpouring, cascade, spread out, babies, descendants, stream, pour forth, rig out, matter, release, case, publishing, furnish, progeny, affair, emission


Meanings of Price:
  1. Determine how much you need to pay (to sell something)

  2. The amount that is given as an expectation, need, or payment of something.

  3. Unwanted experiences, events or actions that are necessary as conditions to achieve the desired goal.

Sentences of Price
  1. The cost of watches in this range is 14.50

  2. Land can be sold at a higher price.

  3. The price of success is a day of debate

Synonyms of Price

charge, terms, forfeiture, figure, put a price on, payment, selling price, set the price of, estimate, result, fix the price of, forfeit, amount, evaluate, value, penalty, sacrifice, fare, levy, consequence, sum, assay, toll, cost