Issue Age

Issue Age,

Definition of Issue Age:

  • The age of the insurer at the time the policy is implemented.

Literal Meanings of Issue Age


Meanings of Issue:
  1. Subject to important topic or discussion or debate.

  2. Supply or distribute items for official use, sale or purposes.

  3. Provide (something) or distribute

Sentences of Issue
  1. The chances of starting such a project are slim

  2. The heart of anxiety

  3. Each company is licensed at random

Synonyms of Issue

effect, babies, come, spread out, outflowing, business, point at issue, progeny, fit up, gush out, outflow, come forth, provide, result, family, furnish, theme, fit out, outcome, seep, affair, release, equip, deluge, rig out, publishing


Meanings of Age:
  1. The life of a person or the existence of something.

  2. Being older, especially noticeable and clear.

Synonyms of Age

lifetime, number of years, length of life, time, aeon, epoch, duration, span, period, era