ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

ISPs (Internet Service Providers),

How To Define ISPs (Internet Service Providers)?

A simple definition of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) is: The term Internet Service Provider (ISP) refers to companies that provide access to the Internet to residential and commercial users. ISPs allow their users to surf the web, shop online, do business and connect with family and friends for a fee. ISPs can also provide other services, including email services, domain registration, web hosting and browser packages. An ISP can also be called an Information Service Provider, a Storage Service Provider, an Internet Service Provider (INSP) or a combination of the three, depending on the services that the company offers.

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that provide web access for businesses and consumers.
  • ISPs can also provide other services, such as email services, domain registration, web hosting and browser services.
  • An ISP is considered to be an information service provider, a storage service provider, an Internet Network Service Provider (INSP), or a combination of both.
  • Internet use has increased because only university or public account holders have access to almost everyone, whether it is free or free.
  • Access has moved from dial-up connection to high-speed broadband technology.

Literal Meanings of ISPs (Internet Service Providers)


Meanings of ISPs:
  1. Means internet service provider


Meanings of Internet:
  1. A global computer network consisting of interconnected networks using multiple information and communication options and using standard communication protocols.

Sentences of Internet
  1. This guide is also available on the Internet


Meanings of Service:
  1. Helping or working with someone.

  2. A system that meets the needs of the public, such as transportation, communications or public services, such as electricity and water.

  3. Rituals of religious worship in the manner prescribed for such ceremonies.

  4. Routine checking and maintenance of other vehicles or machines

  5. A wide variety of different foods and dishes are used to serve certain foods.

  6. (In tennis and other racquet sports) Acting or playing right.

  7. Formal delivery of documents such as leaflets or subpinus.

  8. Perform routine maintenance or repair work (vehicle or machinery).

Sentences of Service
  1. Millions of people are involved in volunteering

  2. Regular bus connection

  3. Funeral

  4. He took his car to the garage

  5. Applicants return the car and are notified of the appointment.

  6. Check your vehicle regularly

  7. A dog can have many prostitutes in a day

Synonyms of Service

ritual, servicing, ordinance, service, ceremony, overhaul, solution, utility, facility, favour, resource, amenity, maintenance check, routine check, good turn, rite, helping hand, observance, kindness, check, act of assistance


Meanings of Providers:
  1. A person or thing that offers something.

Sentences of Providers
  1. Leading personal finance service providers

Synonyms of Providers

giver, donor, source, supplier, mainstay, contributor