Isoquant curve

Isoquant curve,

Definition of Isoquant curve:

  1. The term "isoquant," broken down in Latin, means “equal quantity,” with “iso” meaning equal and “quant” meaning quantity. The isoquant curve is a company’s counterpart to the consumer’s indifference curve. Essentially, the curve represents a consistent amount of output. The isoquant is known, alternatively, as an equal product curve or a production indifference curve. It may also be called an iso-product curve.

  2. The isoquant curve is a graph, used in the study of microeconomics, that charts all inputs that produce a specified level of output. This graph is used as a metric for the influence that the inputs have on the level of output or production that can be obtained. The isoquant curve assists firms in making adjustments to inputs to maximize outputs, and thus profits.

  3. The visual representation of input combinations that will yield the level of output needed. This graph determines how input influences the output levels, or production levels, in the field of microeconomics.

Meaning of Isoquant curve & Isoquant curve Definition

Isoquant Curve,

Definition of Isoquant Curve:

  • Isoquant Curve refers to An isoquant curve is an arigram used in microeconomics that represents all the represents that make up a given surface. This graph is used to measure the effect of inputs on the output or output surface that can be obtained. Isoquantum curves help adjust output and maximize output.

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