Is Vanilla Extract Halal

Is Vanilla Extract Halal

US citizen: Is vanilla extract halal or haraam? 3

Empty granola bars contain vanilla extract. As far as I know, vanilla is made from alcohol.

Find out if this property is halal or haraam?

Note: uct is halal, but that doesn't mean there is no alcohol.

I know of at least 4 types of vanilla extract available in the US and 2 of them do not contain alcohol.

(1) U.S. Patent No. 5,705,205 Extraction of natural vanilla extract through enzymatic treatment of green vanilla pods and liquors obtained in this way. this is awesome.

(2) Imitation vanilla smells and tastes like vanilla, but it tastes just like artificial vanilla. There is no alcohol and it is halal.

(3) Imitation vanilla extract contains alcohol. I don't remember the percentage, but I know the price is there. Read the label. It's not cold.

(4) According to the law, pure vanilla liquor must contain 35% alcohol. It's definitely not cool.


You? First, check my profile and the messages you sent me. Secondly, I don't consider vanilla haraam because my uncle owns a restaurant and there are some religious people who go there and eat ice cream and vanilla. So I doubt it is haraam. But that's a good question, think of me now. I have to find myself now and insha'Allah, if I do that I will tell you, but I am sure it is halal.

I can help

Vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol by volume. Wever Vanillin, which is used industrially as the most flavorful, does not contain alcohol.

There is no alcohol in vanilla. Have a great time!

Vanilla is not forbidden in my opinion.

Because I eat vanilla ice cream ... and the ice cream packaging says it's halal ...

Is Vanilla Extract Halal