Is thunderbolt 3 the same as usb c

Is thunderbolt 3 the same as usb c

What's the difference between USB and Thunderbolt 3? 4K USBC Gen 1 and Gen 2:1 display Higher bandwidth also means that Thunderbolt 3 can support external graphics processing units (eGPUs), which is not USBC capable, Thunderbolt 3 also allows you to connect up to six devices, while those USBC supports does not. Supports daisy chain connection. Correctly labeled ports on the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock.

What is Thunderbolt 3 used for?

The Thunderbolt 3 port allows you to connect a wide variety of peripherals to your computer. As the name suggests, Thunderbolt is fast, but more importantly, the Thunderbolt connector is versatile and uses a standard USBC connector to connect most devices.

What is the difference between Thunderbolt 2 and 3?

Thunderbolt allows you to daisy-chain monitors, storage devices, and other peripherals. The second version, Thunderbolt 2, uses the same Mini DisplayPort connector, while Thunderbolt 3 uses the same USB Type-C connector and is backwards compatible with USB.

What's the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt?

The power output allows you to charge both large devices and your everyday smartphone, eliminating unnecessary charging cables. Differ. Thunderbolt 3 has USBC capabilities, but USB does not have Thunderbolt 3. The Thunderbolt 3 port has the same construction as the USBC port.

What is USB and how does it differ from USB

USB is also known as USB Gen 2 (10Gbps). USB can transfer data at speeds of up to 5 Gbps. USB is also known as USB Gen 1 (5 Gbps). USB is backwards compatible with USB and USB except in the following cases: USBB cables are not compatible with USBB ports.

What are the differences between USB and

USB adds a second higher speed mode that boosts data transfer speeds to 10 Gbps over USB 5 Gbps. So it's twice as fast, but in backward compatibility mode, it should offer the slowest speed.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is Thunderbolt and USB C the same?

Best Answer: USBC and Thunderbolt may use the same port, but they are definitely not the same port. There are several key differences that prevent most Thunderbolt 3 products from connecting to USBC ports.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is USB Thunderbolt?

The latest Thunderbolt standard is the 40Gbps cable, which is twice as fast as USB, the latest USB standard. But Thunderbolt isn't as popular as USB if you're not using a Mac.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is a Type C Thunderbolt?

Basically, TypeC is a physical connector while Thunderbolt is a kind of transfer protocol. The Type-C port simply measures it to be small enough to handle even the tiniest of devices. With Type-C, both ends of the USB cable are identical, so you can change the direction of the connector.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is a Thunderbolt storage device?

Thunderbolt is a connectivity technology developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple. Thunderbolt combines PCI Express and DisplayPort into a single connection, allowing you to connect up to six devices, such as storage devices and monitors.

What' s the difference between usb and thunderbolt 3 hub

Thunderbolt 3 was developed by Intel and announced in June 2015 and offers all the benefits with a few additions. On the one hand, it offers even greater bandwidth than USB, with transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps, 4 times the breakneck speed already assumed for USB.

Which is faster USB or Thunderbolt 3?

The best version of USB today is USB Gen 2, which can run at up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). This is only a quarter of the maximum speed of Thunderbolt 3, which has a maximum bandwidth of 40 Gbps. What is the difference between Thunderbolt and USB?

Difference between thunderbolt and usb c

:brown_circle: Can you use USB Type C with Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt, but the new port type requires adapters to use older Thunderbolt devices. Any USBC device (like Google Pixel) plugged into the Thunderbolt 3 port will work just fine.

:brown_circle: What kind of power does USB Gen 2 handle?

As mentioned in USB Gen 2, the USBC stick can handle up to 100W of power. Most laptops use between 45W and 85W to charge via the USB port, just like phones and tablets. Thunderbolt 3 Thunderbolt, jointly signed by Apple and Intel, is a set of advanced features combined in a single connection.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Which is better USB 3 or USB

USB is almost the same as USB 3, but faster. Thunderbolt is used in commercial applications that require a lot of bandwidth for an external device, such as an external computing device or a storage device. Another note: not all USBC ports support Thunderbolt and some USBA ports support USB.

:brown_circle: What kind of cable does Thunderbolt 3 use?

It's more of a trademark than a specification, and Intel has been promoting it with Ultrabooks since 2011. Thunderbolt 3 uses the USBC form factor and packs virtually everything you need into a single cable, including USB, DisplayPort, and PCIe.

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:brown_circle: What's the difference between Thunderbolt and USB Type C?

On the other hand, USB and Thunderbolt are just protocols or standards for transferring computer data. They define speed, power, contacts, etc. for communication and data transfer between electronic devices. Therefore, the USB and Thunderbolt standards can support the USB Type-C port.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is the Thunderbolt 3 port the same as USB

It's a little confusing that Thunderbolt 3 uses the same USB Type-C connector as USB, so you'll often see motherboards that offer a connector for both. This is true because Thunderbolt 3 is fully compatible with all USB cables and connections, technically any Thunderbolt 3 port is also a USB port.

Is the USB Type A connector compatible with USB

The USB Type A port was compatible with USB, but the USB Type B port was changed to USB. Only now USB 3 USB Gen 1. Are you still with me? In addition to the USB Type-C port, USB also came out with USB Gen 2, which was a huge step forward.

What connector type is utilized by Thunderbolt 3?

Apple's Thunderbolt 3 protocol uses the USBC connector type. Thunderbolt 3 also supports USBC, so the Thunderbolt 3 port works with both Thunderbolt 3 and USBC.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Does Thunderbolt 3 require a special cable?

While the Thunderbolt 3 ports can also function as regular USBC ports, the USBC port does not support Thunderbolt 3 devices with a full 40 Gbps bandwidth.

:brown_circle: Is Thunderbolt 3 the same as Mini DisplayPort?

Thunderbolt 1 and 2 use the same connector as Mini DisplayPort (MDP), while Thunderbolt 3 reuses the USBC connector from USB. It was originally developed and marketed as Light Peak and was first sold as a consumer product on February 24, 2011.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What' s a thunderbolt 3 and what is it used for in english

Thunderbolt 3 is essentially a hardware interface designed to combine several transmission protocols into a single physical connector for its versatility and ease of use. This physical connector is a USBC connector.

What do you need to know about Thunderbolt 3?

What is Thunderbolt™ 3 (Thunderbolt™ over USB Type-C)? 1 Thunderbolt ™ 3 uses a USB Type-C connector and cable, is compact and reversible. 2 Thunderbolt™ 3 supports speeds of up to 40 Gbps. 3 DisplayPort™ - Compatible with existing DisplayPort monitors, devices and cables. 4 USB powered up to 130W on compatible computers.

Which is faster USB 3 or Thunderbolt 3?

The USBC ThunderBolt 3 port can transfer data at speeds of up to 40 Gbps, four times faster than USBC (10 Gbps) and USBC 3 (5 Gbps). ThunderBolt 3 USBC provides the fastest connection to any connected device - external displays, drives and devices, and more.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What can a Thunderbolt 2 port be used for?

Thunderbolt 2 provides five fully powered USB 3 ports to power hard drives, solid state drives or optical drives. It can even be used to charge iPhone, iPad, tablet or other USB powered devices.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can a Thunderbolt 3 cable be used with a USB C adapter?

The Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) cable has a Thunderbolt logo on each connector. Both cables can be used with the Apple USBC Power Adapter. If you are looking for a USBC flash drive and are not sure what factors to consider, this article will provide you with all the information you need.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why is it important to know about Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 is fast becoming one of the most widely accepted standards for physical connectivity in computers, thanks to its versatile use case, easy-to-use design, and the fact that it works well with other emerging standards, such as the connector standard. You may be wondering what Thunderbolt 3 is and how it works.

What happens when you plug in a Thunderbolt 3 cable?

When a USB device is connected to the Thunderbolt 3 port, it is recognized as such and your computer's USB controller is activated. This controller can then forward data via USB standards or to a USBC port (or somehow to a Thunderbolt 3 port).

Where can I find a bolt of Thunder?

In such situations, thunder is usually clearly visible near damaged ports. Meanwhile, USBC ports that do not support Thunderbolt 3 may be labeled with the USB SuperSpeed ​​(SS) logo and a number indicating the maximum speed of the port.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is Thunderbolt 3 and what does it do?

Thunderbolt™ 3 offers incredible speed and USBC performance, creating a compact, slim and reversible connector that provides the fastest* and most versatile connection to any dock, display or data device.

Is the Thunderbolt 3 port the same as the USB C port?

Thunderbolt 3 ports look the same as USBC ports, and in fact the port is physically the same from a plug-in point of view.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why is it important to use Thunderbolt port?

It's also important that the Thunderbolt port can handle audio and video, just like the DisplayPort that most Apple users have used in the past. The video is also in high definition and the convenience is of course that you only have to use one port to connect video and audio instead of using a separate port for each.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What can Thunderbolt be used for on a Mac?

Thunderbolt includes technology that makes it easy and convenient to deliver PCI Express speed. External devices, such as video capture solutions, are now hot-swappable and can be moved between multiple Macs.

:brown_circle: What kind of cable does Apple Thunderbolt 3 use?

The Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) Cable connects a Mac with a Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) port to a device with a Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) or USBC port.

:brown_circle: What's the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3?

This physical connector is a USBC connector. This is important to keep in mind as there are major differences between Thunderbolt 3 and USBC. While Thunderbolt 3 is a true data transfer protocol, USBC is exactly the type of connector it uses.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What kind of data transfer can Thunderbolt 3 do?

Not only can Thunderbolt 3 ports transfer data at up to 40 Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 also supports high-resolution displays and allows you to daisy-chain peripherals so you only need to connect those peripherals to one port on your computer.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How does Thunderbolt 3 work on a computer?

Thunderbolt 3 is the so-called "Alternate Mode" of a physical USBC cable. Alternate modes work by assigning multiple pins on the cable connectors to different functions. Basically, a computer that can use Thunderbolt 3 Alt Mode will "see" the USBC port differently.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What are the different standards for Thunderbolt 3?

As mentioned above, Thunderbolt 3 combines several standards, including PCI Express, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt with 20 Gbps and 40 Gbps, all in one cable. In other words, how it works exactly depends on what you're using it for.

How big is a Thunderbolt 3 USB cable?

Thunderbolt 3 cables are available in different lengths, currently 0.5m, 1m and 2m, and support two different speeds. The cable supports transfer rates of 40 Gbps and works with Thunderbolt 3, USB and DisplayPort devices.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can a Thunderbolt 3 docking station work with a USB C?

Simply put, Thunderbolt 3 is backwards compatible with USBC devices, but a USBC computer will not work with a Thunderbolt 3 enabled device. For example, the Dell XPS has Thunderbolt 3 ports that can work with Thunderbolt and USBC docks.

Is the USB Type C port compatible with Thunderbolt 3?

While all Thunderbolt 3 devices use a USB Type-C connector, not all Type-C connectors include Thunderbolt 3 technology. This means that some USBC ports may not support Thunderbolt 3 features and capabilities. Close What is a Thunderbolt cable?

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Which is the fastest port for Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 uses Thunderbolt through a USBC port, co-developed with USBIF, and is the fastest port available. Connect Thunderbolt devices, all HD and 4K displays and billions of USBC devices with a compact reversible cable.

What was the original purpose of Thunderbolt technology?

Thunderbolt technology originated in the late 2000s as an Intel project called Light Peak, which aimed to add optical data transfer to the traditional data transfer used with computer peripherals (essentially combined cables and fiber optics).

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What kind of port does Thunderbolt 3 use?

It uses USB Type-C connectors. All Thunderbolt 3 ports are also USB Type-C ports and use a slim, reversible Type-C port. You can connect any USB Type-C device to any Thunderbolt pin, as Thunderbolt is technically an alternate mode to USB.. However, not all USB Type-C ports and cables are Thunderbolt 3 compatible.

:brown_circle: What do you need to know about Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt is a relatively new technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-quality data through a single port, but its connectivity allows you to add multiple peripherals to your computer via daisy-chaining.

When did the Thunderbolt 3 standard come out?

Again, Thunderbolt remains an Apple exclusive, using the Mini DisplayPort connector until the next generation. The Thunderbolt 3 standard was announced in June 2015 and was immediately announced as a 'heavenly match'.

How much data can be transferred with Thunderbolt 3?

When using an external Thunderbolt 3 device, a Thunderbolt 3 port can transfer data at up to 40 Gbps. To put this into perspective, at these speeds a full 4K movie can be streamed in about 30 seconds.

:brown_circle: Can you use Thunderbolt 3 with USB Type C?

Note that not all USB Type-C ports are Thunderbolt 3 compatible. While smartphones and tablets can use the port, the Thunderbolt platform is only available on devices with Intel processors.

:brown_circle: What kind of MacBook has Thunderbolt 3 port?

For example, Apple MacBook and Lenovo ThinkPad 13 have USB Type-C ports that are not supported by the faster standard, but HP EliteBook Folio G1 and Dell XPS 13 have Thunderbolt 3.

What is the fastest Thunderbolt?

The first Thunderbolts record was set on November 19, 1937 at the Bonneville Salt Flats at miles per hour (km/h). Less than a year later, the Thunderbolt returned with improved aerodynamics, raising its record to miles per hour (km/h) on August 27, 1938.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is Thunderbolt 3 USB C?

Thunderbolt 3 is a completely different technology that uses USBC ports and connectors. With Thunderbolt 3, you can count on speeds up to 40 Gbps, plus multiple PCIe and DisplayPort lanes to connect things like external GPUs and multiple high-resolution external monitors over a single cable.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is a Thunderbolt port used for?

Thunderbolt is a revolutionary I/O technology that supports high-resolution displays and powerful processing devices from a compact connector. Thunderbolt is a hardware interface that allows you to connect external devices to your computer. Uses the same connector as Mini DisplayPort (MDP).

What devices are compatible with Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt can be implemented in PCIe graphics cards with DisplayPort data and PCIe connectivity, or in newer computer motherboards with integrated video, such as the MacBook Air.

What do laptops support Thunderbolt 3?

Most newer laptops usually have Thunderbolt 3 instead of the old version. Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 port are preferred for music editing/production, movie/video editing, DJing, gaming and other business applications where transferring data from USB devices to laptops and vice versa is more common and important.

Does my laptop have a Thunderbolt 3 port?

One way to find out if your Windows computer supports Thunderbolt 3 is to look at the manual and other documents. If your computer supports Thunderbolt 3, this is usually the main feature listed in the manual and on the computer's product page on the manufacturer's website. Check the USBC port.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the difference between thunderbolt 2 and 3 wireless

Hardware Interface: Thunderbolt 2 uses Mini DisplayPort, while Thunderbolt 3 uses USB Type-C. Performance: Thunderbolt 2 is based on PCIE X2 and offers a bandwidth of 10 Gbps, while Thunderbolt 3 is based on PCIE X4 and offers a bandwidth of 40 Gbps.

What is the bit rate of Thunderbolt 3?

• Thunderbolt 3 supports data transfer rates of 40 Gbps. • Uses 4 PCI Express protocols, DisplayPort, HDMI2, and USB Gen2. Check out the new features in Thunderbolt 4 and the differences between Thunderbolt 4 and 3 >>.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are the main features of Thunderbolt 2?

Following are the characteristics of the Thunderbolt 2 interface type: • Thunderbolt 2 will be introduced in 2013. • Thunderbolt 2 uses a Mini DisplayPort (MDP) connector. • Thunderbolt 2 supports data transfer rates of 20 Gbps.

What's the difference between HDMI and Thunderbolt?

HDMI is limited to 1 refresh rate of 30 Hz, HDMI supports 1080p 144 Hz output. Thunderbolt was initially limited to Apple devices. Thunderbolt3 is compatible with other PCs and devices. It is a widely used universal standard for display interfaces. Thunderbolt1 supports 10 Gbps, Thunderbolt2 supports 20 Gbps, and Thunderbolt3 supports 40 Gbps.

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What uses a Thunderbolt port?

Thunderbolt provides the fastest connection for fast storage devices, but can also be used to connect a monitor. A Thunderbolt port is in the form of a DisplayPort, which means you can connect a display to a Thunderbolt port with a standard DisplayPort cable.

Is there a backwards compatibility between Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2?

Yes sir. Thunderbolt 2 uses the same ports as the original Thunderbolt, so Thunderbolt 2 devices are compatible with Thunderbolt devices and vice versa. But a Thunderbolt device connected to a Thunderbolt 2 port will run at a Thunderbolt speed of 10 Gbps.

What's the difference between Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 ditched the old Mini DisplayPort connection and switched to a USBC connection that combines the two technologies into a particularly robust hybrid. The move to USBC has allowed Thunderbolt 3 to migrate from Apple devices to other PCs and laptops, a process that is still ongoing but is finally possible.

Is the Mac mini compatible with Thunderbolt 3?

Most Mac products work with Thunderbolt 3, including compatibility with Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and Air, all of which have Thunderbolt 3 ports that increase the risk of viruses. If you're using the Thunderbolt 3 port, continue to use trusted devices and don't try a device you've never used before.

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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the difference between thunderbolt 2 and 3 plus

While Thunderbolt 2 offers a maximum bandwidth of 20 Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 is currently the fastest port available on a computer, doubling the bandwidth to 40 Gbps. While they both support link aggregation, Thunderbolt 2 provides two 10 Gbps bidirectional connections, while Thunderbolt 3 offers two 20 Gbps bidirectional connections providing one 40 Gbps uplink and one 40 Gbps downlink.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the difference between thunderbolt 2 and 3 switch

Though Thunderbolt 3 is faster than Thunderbolt 2.7. The Thunderbolt 2 port delivers very little power to each connected device compared to the Thunderbolt 3 port while the Thunderbolt 3 port can deliver a maximum power of 100W per connected device .

What's the difference between Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3?

The Apple mini DisplayPort connector is used in Thunderbolt 2. While the Typec connector is used in Thunderbolt 3. 2. The maximum bandwidth is 20 Gbps. Although it can offer twice the speed of Thunderbolt 2, which is 40 Gbps.

How much bandwidth does a Thunderbolt 3 Cable provide?

Thunderbolt 3 is based on the DisplayPort specification and supports up to 2 streams (eight lanes) of DisplayPort video bandwidth. A single cable now delivers four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable with an output power of up to 100 W.

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What kind of data speed does Thunderbolt 4 have?

Thunderbolt 4 still offers speeds of 40 Gbps and transfers data, video and power over a single connection.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Does USB Type C support Thunderbolt?

USB is fully backwards compatible and you can even use USBC with a traditional USBA connector if you buy an adapter. USBC cables have limited Thunderbolt support and data transfer rates can even exceed USB speeds.

What is the difference between USB-C and lightning?

There are minor differences in focus. The Lightning cable has a male connector, meaning the pins and main tab are on the cable itself and not on the port. The USBC has one end that protrudes from the cable, but the male part sits on the connector and fits into the hole in the head of the cable.

What do phones use USB C?

All Samsung Galaxy smartphones with USB type C port Phone model USB port type Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G USB type C Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G USB type C Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus USB type C Samsung Galaxy Note 10 USB type C 44 extra rows February 28 , 2021.

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What's the difference between USB C and Thunderbolt 3?

USBC and Thunderbolt 3 share the same reversible port, which can cause confusion between the two protocols. While the USBC port and Thunderbolt 3 port look the same, Thunderbolt 3 has additional hardware over the more commonly used USBC.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is it possible to use Thunderbolt with USB4?

Businesses can build the same devices as Thunderbolt 3 without Intel licensing issues. Thunderbolt 3 support is an option with USB4, which is good news for older devices, but there's little reason to build new Thunderbolt 3 devices when USB4 is available.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can you use a Thunderbolt 3 port on a MacBook Pro?

Use your own USBC hard drive in one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports on your MacBook Pro or the USBC port on a 12-inch MacBook. While it's true that most Thunderbolt 3 accessories don't work well with USBC ports, a new fold was added in early 2018.

What's the difference between USB 4 and USB C?

They have traditionally used different types of connectors and cables, but with the advent of USBC, Thunderbolt and USB cables, they can use the same 24-pin oval connector. The latest USB protocol, USB 4, is only available via USBC.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C the same thing?

USBC and Thunderbolt 3 are certainly not the same. They just use the same connection. USBC is the MacBook connector, it is connected to the USB interface. So don't assume that your new gold MacBook will work with Thunderbolt 3 devices.

Is the USB C in also Thunderbolt 3 in?

Where previous versions of Thunderbolt used a Mini DisplayPort connector, the latest version of Thunderbolt 3 uses a USBC connector. So while all Thunderbolt 3 cables and connectors use USBC, not all USBC connections are Thunderbolt 3 compatible.

What's the difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB C?

All Thunderbolt 3 ports are also USBC ports, but not all USBC ports are Thunderbolt 3 ports. Which is better, Thunderbolt 3 or USBC? For everyday PC use, USBC peripherals offer an attractive price-performance ratio.

:brown_circle: Can a Thunderbolt cable be plugged into a USB-C port?

All ports that support the latest Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt 3 and 4) also support USBC cables, but not all USBC ports support Thunderbolt. When you connect a Thunderbolt cable to a USBC port, it uses the USB protocol to transfer data.

:brown_circle: What can you do with a Thunderbolt 3 port?

The Thunderbolt 3 port is used as follows: It can act as a USB port to transfer data between your computer and peripherals. In addition, it is backwards compatible with USB and can act as a DisplayPort to transfer video and audio signals.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What's the difference between USB 4 and USB 3?

The latest USB protocol, USB 4, is only available via USBC. Because Thunderbolt and USBC cables and connectors look the same, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Look for the Thunderbolt logo to identify your Thunderbolt-compatible hardware. USB 4 supports speeds of up to 40 Gbps. USB 3 supports speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Turn on and charge 100W devices.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What do USB Type C ports look like?

Meanwhile, USBC ports that do not support Thunderbolt 3 may be labeled with the USB SuperSpeed ​​(SS) logo and a number indicating the maximum speed of the port. Type-C ports that support port charging (USBPD or USB Power Delivery) may be marked with the SS logo on the battery icon.

What kind of adapter do I need for Thunderbolt?

An adapter is required to transfer audio over USBC, but Thunderbolt natively supports video and audio. However, Thunderbolt requires an HDMI adapter. Thunderbolt also supports DVI and VGA displays using adapters.

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:brown_circle: Can a Thunderbolt 3 cable be used as a USB C cable?

In addition to supporting the USBC protocol, so that any Thunderbolt 3 cable can serve as a USBC cable, it can transfer much more data and supports many other transfer protocols.

What's the difference between a USB and a Thunderbolt port?

B. Thunderbolt has the same port shape as USBC, but the functionality is different. While the Thunderbolt port can accept a USBC cable and perform all functions, the USBC port can also accept a Thunderbolt cable and perform the basic task that you are familiar with USBC and cannot perform the functions of a Thunderbolt cable , such as: 4K displays, etc.

What's the difference between Thunderbolt 4 and Thunder 3?

Thunderbolt 4 and Thunder 3 share the same USBC port. Connect to older Thunderbolt devices using an adapter. USBC now supports HDMI video output, but currently only supports Thunderbolt DisplayPort. An adapter is required to transfer audio over USBC, but Thunderbolt natively supports video and audio.

:brown_circle: Is thunderbolt 3 the same as usb c port

Thunderbolt 3 ports look the same as USBC ports, and in fact the port is physically the same from a plug-in point of view. In many cases, they can do everything a USBC port can, but much faster.

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What is Thunderbolt 3 means for PC connectivity?

What does Thunderbolt 3 mean to connect to a PC? An explanation. Thunderbolt 3 has a very compact pluggable USBC port that offers fast speeds. Here's what you need to know about connectivity options for your next laptop.