Is Survival A Matter Of Chance

Is Survival A Matter Of Chance

Do you think survival is a matter of luck? ۔

The key is to talk about it today. And I want to see what other people think: Does survival mean happiness?

Absolutely not. Survival is a matter of good mental preparation. I learned a lot about survival and read a lot of books about it.

You can keep people that way. One will give up and the other will fight and survive.

For example, a small plane near a lake. The pilot was safe. He did this to increase his chances of survival. Help find it after three days. Basically it's ready and d. It didn't hurt, he just gave up.

A few years later another pilot on the same lake. He was barely injured. He went to shelters and camps. A month later, the emergency services did not find him. So he came from the desert himself. It took three months. He lived for four months. However, the other men could not stay for three days.

The survival rate is 90% and people are spiritually ready for a crisis.


Apprenticeship / agricultural permit for 20 years.

The only chance of survival is the ability to adapt well to the environment. Sure, there are other small chances of you being killed accidentally, like lightning or a tree, but these chances are low.

But I believe that our modern society has given everyone, including those who would not normally survive, a much higher chance of survival and as a result, we are more vulnerable to medically weak species I have people, medicines, etc.). ), And at least we stopped being strong.

Survival is not about happiness, it is about preparing for what can happen. Don't be afraid when you're done. I would also say that when you are ready you will greet him like a long lost friend. There is a saying that the strongest survives. Being in shape does not mean physical strength, but you are ready for anything.

Is Survival A Matter Of Chance