Is Sugar Heavier Than Salt

Is Sugar Heavier Than Salt

What could be disgusting? Sugar or salt? ۔

For my scientific summary, should we do our own experiments or yes, what makes the crystal better? Salt or sugar? I wonder if density has any effect on growth and if the salt is thick or the sugar is thick. If you have any other suggestions to help me I think Sugar might work better (assumption) ... so far I have ...

I think sugar improves crystals because sugar crystals are clear and shiny. Salt crystals are opaque and have an icy or cool color, so sugar crystals are transparent and have many facets ... salt (see density)

What do you think

This is an interesting assumption, but I have some suggestions. Your assumption must be measurable. Do you have any way to explain or evaluate the purity of sugar crystals versus salt crystals? Do you have a large sample of sugar and salt crystals so that you can determine that all salt crystals are vague while all sugar crystals are shiny? You need to be careful not to make general statements without supporting them with evidence.

You should also consider why the error and clarity of the crystal affect its overall size. I admit I'm lost in it.

However, if you intend to perform this experiment, this information is requested:

Density of NaCl (common salt): 2.17 g / cm3

Density of sucrose (table sugar): 1.29 g / cm.

I helped. I now!

The density of table sugar (mainly sucrose) is 1.6 g / ml and that of table salt (mainly NACL) is 0.92 g / ml.

I think you are right, but I'm not sure.

Is Sugar Heavier Than Salt