Is Snape Harry's Father?

Is Snape Harry’s Father? Snape is not Harry Porter’s father but to make it clear, James Potter is his father. Snape loved Harry’s mother Lily, so that is why he figures himself as the father of Harry.

Is Snape Harry's Father

When Snape was 9, he fell in love with Lily that is why he protected Harry from the cruel Voldemort that why he was figured out as Harry’s father in the movie.

Character of Snape?

Severus Snape was an English half-blood wizard. His double life played a highly important role in both of the Wizarding Wars against Voldemort. Severus Snape contain a fictional character in the Harry Potter series.

He is a skilled wizard who has a sarcastic character with deep emotions and anguish. However, Snape’s hostility at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry towards Harry was due to his resemblance to his father James Potter. Also, the series said that James bullied Snape when they were together at Hogwarts.

Snape died in the seventh book by Lord Voldemort. Despite containing wizard supremacy, Snape was in love with Lily, Harry Potter’s mother. Snape was in all eight Harry Potter films which were released between 2001 and 2011.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels which is written by J.K Rowling. The novel explains the lives of young wizards i.e.Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, who were students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The main story was about Harry and his struggles against Lord Voldemort, he was a dark wizard and always tried to kill Harry. He also killed James and Lily, the parents of Harry.

the first novel was released, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, (also known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in the United States), on 26 June 1997, and the books found huge popularity. Further, it has positive reviews, and commercial success worldwide. Moreover, they have attracted a vast number of adult audiences as well as younger readers and are often known as cornerstones of modern young adult literature.

Is James Harry’s father?

James Potter was Harry’s father and he was a young wizard killed by Voldemort in the 1970s when he was killed protecting his son Harry when he was 15 months old. James was very popular at Hogwarts but also he had enemies there. Severus Snape was jealous of James even when they met the first time and he always bullied him. Snape hate him more when he started dating Lily and marry him because Snape loved Lily for his entire life. Lily chooses James over Snape because he proved his more important loyalty. Snape loved her till his death.

Why do people think Snape was Harry’s father?

:small_blue_diamond: In the movie, Harry doesn’t have features of Snape but they left people confused in the first seasons giving ambiguous information. But after watching the whole movie you will know that James is Harry’s father. If you have little information about the movie you will think Snape is the father of Harry.

:small_blue_diamond: The movie showed that Snape loves Lily but never said that they were in a relationship. But Lily somehow likes Snape and she chooses James for her loyalty.

:small_blue_diamond: People thought Snape was Harry’s father because when he asked Dumbledore to protect Harry and Lilly only.

:small_blue_diamond: In the movie, Snape said Harry you have eyes like your mother which sounds somewhat paternal.

Did Snape kill Dumbledore to protect Harry’s life?

Snape had to kill Dumbledore because he told him and he was already dying. He also had to kill him to became trusted Death Eater and Voldemort’s right hand, Voldemort who killed Harry’s mother. So in such a way, he played a double role, and also Voldemort tried to kill Harry when he was an infant Snape wanted to kill Voldemort for taking the avenge of her love Lily. So killing Dumbledore, to become trusted in the eyes of Voldemort and in such a way he would know the secrets of them and he would protect Harry as well.

:star: SUMMARY

Is Snape Harry’s Father? James Potter is Harry’s real father in the series. Snape loved Harry’s mother which is figured out in the movie as his father. But at the start of the movie, there was a little confusion and that is why people think that Snape was his father. Also, Snape’s love for Lily was till his last breath where he became a spy of Voldemort who killed her love and then tried to kill Harry. Snape also sacrificed his life for her love and Harry. He always protected Harry from Voldemort, Harry’s real father died when he was 15 months old.

Voldemort killed Snape who was protecting Harry as a father even he has a Sarcastic Character

Voldemort ordered to kill Snape because he thought that he was the master of Elder Wand an immensely strong and powerful wand that Voldemort deeply desired, as well as one of the Deathly Hallows. but in reality, Harry was the master of Elder Wand. After Snape’s death, Harry ensured that his portrait must remain in Hogwarts and he honored him as a hero, despite having personal differences. Furthermore, Harry named his son Albus Severus Potter inspiring Snape and Albus Dumbledore who help Harry to kill the evil Voldemort.

Snape lost his life-Saving Harry

Snape lost his life and was killed by Voldemort and Harry killed Voldemort on 2 May 1998 in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle. He was confronted by Harry Potter. Voldemort was a cruel man and he was the villain in the series Harry Potter and always tried to kill Harry. But Snape and Dumbledore always hid Harry from Voldemort.

:star: IN SHORT

In the movie, Harry does not have any feature of Snape but they left people confused in the first seasons giving ambiguous information. But after watching the whole movie you will know that James is Harry’s father. If you little information about the movie you will think Snape is the father of Harry.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequent questions that people ask because people are confused about the whole series that Is Snape Harry’s Father? The frequent questions are given below.

1. Who is Harry Potter’s real father?

James Potter is the father of Harry Potter. Those who have read the book know that James is the father of Harry. But Snape loves Harry’s mother that is why people are a little confused and Harry also has the looks of his father James which clears the confusion.

2. Did Snape love, Lily Potter?

Snape love Lily when he was 9 years old after ending their friendship, he still loved Lily. … The deep love Snape held for Lily all of his life also influenced his Patronus, which he took as the form of a silver doe. The love for Lily caused him as a spy of Voldemort to take revenge, as he killed her.

3. Why did Voldemort trust Snape so much?

He played a double role as being a trusted servant of Voldemort, he killed Dumbledore and informs the secret, but in reality, he was a spy and was protecting Harry from the cruel Voldemort.

4.Why do people think that Snape was Harry’s father?

In the first series, there was little confusion, that Snape is Harry,s father because he loved his mother Lily. But when you will watch the whole series you will know James is his real father.


Is Snape Harry’s Father? No James Potter is Harry’s real father in the series. Snape loved Harry’s mother which is figured out in the movie as his father. But at the start of the movie, there is a little confusion that is why people think that Snape was his father. Also, Snape’s love for Lily was till his last breath where he became a spy of Voldemort who killed her love and then tried to kill Harry. Snape also sacrificed his life for her love and Harry. He always protected Harry from Voldemort, Harry’s real father died when he was 15 months old.


How many Harry Potter books there are

Snape harry potter

Severus Snape is one of the most divisive characters in the series. All “Harry Potter”.
He’s a double-faced spy, many character details are kept secret, and little is known about his life outside of Hogwarts.

However, her mother is known to be a witch and her father to be a Muggle, which gave rise to the nickname. “Half-Blood Prince”
Snape’s name and surname also have important meanings for the characters.

The name Severus means “solid” or “solid” in Latin and seems to fit well with the professor’s stance.

According to the official Wizarding World website, the last name comes from the old Norse word “sneypa”, meaning “evil, humiliation or shame”.

However, the surname also has ancestral significance in England, which is linked to families living near Snæp. (Plainland) in the North Yorkshire plains and Suffolk.

Why did snape kill dumbledore?

The answer is that giant spoilers and most of the spoilers will be exposed. Sorry, there is no way to do this without them.

Snape must kill Dumbledore. First of all, as there was a show of mercy to Dumbledore as he died, first from the curse he received while wearing his ring, and second from the curse he received when he drank the caves from the locket. This is what Dumbledore meant when he said it. “Severus, please”

Snape is also a reliable death eater and must kill Dumbledore in order to remain Voldemort’s, right-hand man. He had to be a double agent in Voldemort’s ranks to help Harry & Co in their mission, as when he sent his boss to the lake where Godric Gryffindor hid his sword.

About how Snape became a double agent - after Voldemort’s intention to murder Harry as a baby, it is dangerous for Snape’s mother, Lily, whom Snape just loved one of his children.

Snape begged Dumbledore to protect Lily. However, Lily died anyway. Snape continued to serve Dumbledore as a double agent in honor of his memory. (Shameless plug) living in her son. (And hence “You have mother’s eyes”)

Is snape harry’s father?

Is snape harry’s father? Snape is not Harry Potter’s father, but to make it clear that James Potter is his father, Snape loved Harry’s mother Lily, which is why he seems himself as harry’s father.

Harry potter dad

Harry potter’s dad is James potter.

Why do snape and lily have the same Patronus?

They were unrelated, it was Snape’s deep love for Lily that drove his boss to become a deer. The boss who insists that Spangle represents the hidden is unknown. But this is necessary for personality. “But here is Severus,” Dumbledore said seriously.

Who killed snape?

Voldemort killed snape.

Who killed harry potter’s parents?

Beginning in 1981, when Harry was only one year old, his parents James and Lily were killed by the Wizards of the dark arts of the most powerful Lord Voldemort. (Later, to use the real name of a superstitious person, it will be referred to as “You-Know-Who” and "The Person Who Should Be Named.)

Why did voldemort kill snape?

Voldemort kills Snape because he thinks Snape is the owner of the Elder Wand, which is what Voldemort wants. He thinks he will do it (Voldemort) if he kills Snape, which he thinks is a true master, as he got from Dumbledore. Master the wand and let it work to its full potential.

How old is snape?

Snape is 38 years old.

Why does snape hate harry?

Professor of Medicine School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Harry’s nemesis because of his resemblance to Harry’s father, James Potter. According to the series, James bullied Snape during their stay together at Hogwarts. As the series progresses, Snape’s characters become more layered and enigmatic.

Did snape kill dumbledore?

Yes, snape killed dumbledore.

Harry potters son

Albus Severus “Al” Potter is the son of harry potter.

Why did Voldemort kill harry potter’s parents?

In an effort to make this future Delphi journey to Godric’s Hollow, the night Voldemort killed his parents Harry in hopes of avoiding a prophecy that led to his father’s downfall.

Was snape harry potter’s father?

No, snape wasn’t the father of harry potter.

Who is harry’s real father?

James Potter is the real father of harry potter.

Why did Harry name his son after snape?

The real reason Harry Potter named his son Severino Copperas Snape unrequited love, that makes him an unhappy father, James Potter, Harry and Harry finally. According to Rowling, Harry needed to honor him when he finally saw Snape sacrificing himself to help Harry in the battle at Hogwarts.

Did dumbledore ask snape to kill him?

Yes, Dumbledore did ask Snape to kill him

Why did snape love harry?

However, Snape had not had a relationship with Harry, in fact, he had just formed my own recognition of Harry and the relationships built in the shadows. Harry finally learns what happened between Professor Snape and his family.

Snape from harry potter death

Alan Rickman played the role of professor snape in the harry potter series. He died of pancreatic cancer on 14 January 2016 at age 69.

Snape harry potter book

Then Snape suspected that the old textbook might fall into Harry’s hands. When Harry Seth was with The Oprah, Draco, Snape could confirm his suspicions. However, he cannot remove the book because Harry kept the book in the Room of Requirement and Ron’s book as bait.

Did Voldemort know snape was a spy?

Voldemort learns of Snape’s betrayal. Harry told him before the final showdown. Here is their last conversation: “I’m talking about the death of Albus Dumbledore!”

Harry potter’s mother and father

Harry potter’s mother was Lily potter and his father was James potter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why did Lily choose James over Snape?

Why did Lily Evans choose James Potter over Severus Snape? Lily chose James because James proved loyalty and selflessness to someone important to him. Snape couldn’t do this while he was alive.

Q: Does Lily like Snape?

In 1998, Harry repeated his memories with Snape, like others who were with his mother in Thoughtful after Snape’s death. Memories reveal that he and Snape have been best friends since childhood and shed light on Snape’s unrequited and lasting love for years after his death.

Q: How did Lily and James get rich?

The money comes from the legacy of Harry’s father James. When James left independently rich (from family money) Hogwarts enough to raise himself as a full-time warrior, Sirius, and Lily. For Order of the Phoenix (not paid).

Q: Does Snape love Lily Potter?

Snape fell in love with Lily and could not go on because he felt guilty. He reveals from his memory that he was worried about Harry’s future, that Lily and James were dead, and that he was afraid to see Harry when he was old enough to go to Hogwarts.

Q: Did Voldemort know that Snape was halfway?

Voldemort knew Snape’s first murder of Snape was a bastard. I believe the Dark Lord let Severus kill his own father, whom he was happy with. Voldemort was the prince’s last relative, as he knew who Severus’ mother was.

Q: Harry is richer than Malfoy, right?

As a result, Harry is richer than he tells us. He has a large number of assets inherited from his parents. When he became the heir to the family and inherited all Malfoy, the only one who had more money than she was his aunt Bellatrix.

Q: Why are mudbloods hated?

Some wizards in Harry Potter hate Muggle-born wizards because they believe blood is “better” than Muggle blood. They think they are superior to those who are not “pure blood” (ie they don’t have 100% magic blood). Muggle born and grunting blood technically the same thing. But the second is a serious insult.


Harry Potter is a movie that is loved by everyone. It is very popular among people all over the world. All the characters played an exceptional role in the movie. Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione were three friends who came in the school of wizard and then learned everything there.

Is Snape Harry's Father

Is this Harry Snape?

I just watched the last movie and became really stupid.

Warning of potential harm if you haven't read / watched the movie.

In the scene where Harry and Doubledors are talking, and in Snap's thought-provoking scene, Snape has the same pattern. And that's a coincidence.

Did he really mean that Lily was actually a prostitute and was cheating on him with James?

To update

How do you know that Snapeley has the same sponsorship role?

No, Snap didn't bother him, although I admit that the movie looks like it's in a movie.

If you read the book, you'll find that Lily broke up with Snap, left Guartus, and even cared for James.

Snap's mentor is like Lily in the sense that she loves him so much that she continues to love him, so Ledor added Snap to the film after a long time.

He asked if Snap still loved Lily.

Recalling earlier when Lilis Ledor told Snape that he would protect his son if he loved Lily, Snape took him seriously and protected him after all these years and when he was told that Harry Should be angry to protect his desires because he still loves Lily.

And someone will answer that Harry named one of his sons Snap, which he did, but Harry also called his eldest son James.

I think your children's names are in order:

James Sirius

Albus Sewers.

چاند للی

JKR is a great writer and if Snap was really Harry he would do more than show it.

Very good. After watching all 8 movies in a week and a half, he is here. 1:22:29 ET 1:35:51 I, it will come out when Harry sees the snapshot in Lee Loose Pt 2. In the meantime, think about it. What is the color of James and Lee's hair and what is the color of Harry?

No, Severus was not Harry. He saved her only because he loved Lily like a worm. He hated Harry just because he was James' son and his appearance.

And since it was Snape, he gave his memory and Harry saw it in his mind. He found out that after all this time he had saved her from Weldermart because he loved Lily so much.

Snap and Lily are friends and he loves them more, but they fall apart when Snap enters the Dark Arts and goes out with Waldey ■■■■■ Eaters. Snap never stopped loving Lily ...

So James had a deer model because he was one, Harry because his father and Snape because Lily had a doe.

Lily and Snap haven't been friends for years because they call it their fifth year at Middle Bluetgarts. Snap could not be his. He talks a lot to Harry in the book, he looks like James.

There is room for speculation, especially when everyone forgets the story of King Arthur's imagination. Athar Pendragon asked Merlin to help carry one of his captain's wives to bed. Merlin created a magic that made Aether feel like her husband. Apply it to Snap's situation and you have Harry. Otherwise, why did Snap join Voldemort? MV could have given Snap a chance once in a lifetime to reciprocate his loyalty to Lily. But while MV was editing Lilly, Snap could move away from MV. It makes a lot of sense when you look at it.

Is Snape Harry's Father

Who is Harry Potter’s father? James Potter was Harry’s father, and he was a young wizard who was killed by Voldemort in the 1970s while protecting his son Harry, who was only 15 months old at the time of his death.

James Potter (Father of Harry Potter)

The English pure-blood magician, James Potter, popularly recognized as Prongs, was Fleamont and Euphemia Potter’s only son. Between 1971 through 1978 he studied the Hogwarts College of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was classified into Gryffindor.

When James began in Hogwarts, he met three fellow students from Gryffindor, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, and became pals.

He also met Severus Snape, a student of Slytherin with someone he was bitter competitors. James was appointed head boy in his seventh year and started dating Lily Evans.

He married Lily at graduation from Hogwarts and they had with a son, Harry James Potter, from whom he became the godfather of Sirius Black.

James Potter Biographical information
Gender Male
Birth March 27th, 1960
Death October 31st, 1981
School Hogwarts - Gryffindor
Species Wizard
Blood Status Pure blood
Family Groups Potter family
Other Names Prongs

However, after a prophesy involving Voldemort and their child son, James and Lily were compelled to hide.

James and Lily were finally betrayed by another of their good friends to Voldemort (Peter Pettigrew). James, Lily, and their companions all fought as agents of the Phoenix Order during the First Wizarding War, with him three times defying Lord Voldemort and his wife.


Fleamont Potter and Euphemia Potter had James on March 27, 1960. Fleamont was a successful cosmetic inventor and entrepreneur who created Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion in 1926. Fleamont and Euphemia were both old wizards.


Ancestry: His mother and dad were both wizards. His father was a relatively straight descendant of the first owner of the Invisibility Cloak Deathly Hallow, Ignotus Peverell.

  • Mother: Potter Euphemia. Between 1978 and 1981 she died. She was an elderly wizard, and died of a wizarding disease. Her death is “nothing untoward.”

  • Father: A potioner, Fleamont Potter. He died from 1978 to 1981. He was ancient, even wizardy, and died of a wizard disease. His death is “nothing sinister.”

  • Wife: Lily (Evans) Potter; slain on 31 Oct 1981 at Godric’s Hollow by Lord Voldemort. Between the summer of 1978 and fall of 1979, Lily and James were married very quietly. Their best man was Sirius Black. Black.

  • Siblings: None, however after sixth years at Hogwarts Sirius Black ran away from home and moved with the Potters.

  • Childhood: James was “extremely spoiled,” according to JKR. His aging parents “had him later age so he’s a gem, I believe, as often happens.”

  • Family circumstances: The Potters were exceedingly rich; James did not have to work well.

Magical abilities and skills

Since Voldemort previously requested of James to join his death eaters, there was obvious evidence that James was a highly powerful and successful wizard.

Remus once remarked that James was one of the most smart pupils in Hogwarts in his day, and was able to conjure Patronus, a corporal stage, a sign of superior wizardry.

  • Animagus: A rare transfiguration feat, James became an Animagus at the age of fifteen. In his Animagus form, he could shift into a Stag.

  • Transfiguration: In addition to his great proficiency in this difficult, technical, and even deadly field of magic, James’ wand was considered to be “wonderful for Transfiguration.” He was so good at Human Transfiguration he became an Animagus. He probably did well in this subject at Hogwarts.

  • Potions: At the age of fifteen, James created a functional Animagus potion, proving his tremendous talent in the field, as the potion was notoriously complex, difficult to brew, and dangerous if done incorrectly. Remus also highlighted James’ Animagus transformation as a difficult branch of magic that “may go horribly wrong”.

But it also showed Peter’s skill as a potioneer by allowing him to manage it. Possibly his early aptitude for potions stems from his extensive lineage of great potioneers like Linfred of Stinchcombe.

His earliest ancestor and creator of the Pepper-Up Potion, and Fleamont Potter, his own father who created Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion (or simply Sleekeazy), which quadrupled the family fortune.

  • Charms: James was gifted with charms from an early age, but he and his colleague Marauders created the magically intricate Marauder’s Map with the Homonculous Charm, as well as a charm to mock Severus Snape. He could also perform the advanced Patronus Charm, producing a corporeal Patronus in his Animagus form, a stag. In his fifth year, he utilised the Disarming and Scouring Charms to torment Snape.

  • Duelling: James was a skilled duelist. With the help of Sirius Black, he was able to disgrace Severus Snape, a competent wizard in his childhood. Levicorpus (with with its counter-jinx Liberacorpus) and some other hexes were frequently used to bully Snape. He probably fought the Death Eaters as well as other dark forces throughout the First Wizarding War, surviving until the end.

  • Flying: James was a skilled Quidditch player, having captained the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He had quick reflexes, as seen by his use of a Quidditch Snitch. Sirius said Harry’s Quidditch and flying skills were equal to James’.


James’ unwavering faith in his friends would betray him, his wife, and his kid to Voldemort. Sirius and Remus then tried to kill him for this treason. Harry, thinking his father would not want his best buddies to be murders for a traitor, stopped them.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People ask many questions about Harry Potter’s father. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - How does Harry relate to Snape?

As Rowling described in a series of tweets, Snape loved Harry’s mother, Lily, and he was driven to adore Harry’s dad, James – and Harry too, by way of stretch.

2 - Who was the first kiss of Harry Potter?

Harry has matured, his first movie kiss with the lengthy moment infatuation Cho Chang played by Katie Leung in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the latest of the megahit series based on books by J.K. Rowling.

3 - Why did Lily choose Snape for James?

James always had it to be the wonderful man who became him, but Lily made it obvious she will not do anything less. When James chose to make up his performance to woo him, he allowed his best traits shine out, too.

4 - Why is James Potter known as prongs?

Werewolves may be deadly for people, but don’t harm other animals, therefore Lupin’s buddies discovered a method to stay as a group united. The form of James’ Animagus was that of a stag who gave Prongs his nickname.

5 - What is the full name of James Potter?

James Sirius Potter was born to Harry and Ginny Potter around 1 September 2003 and 30 August 2004. In honor of his great uncle and the grandfather of his father, he was named.


James is Harry Potter’s father, with the exception of hazel eyes. The only child of wealthy, elderly parents who died shortly after he graduated from Hogwarts, he was Ignotus’ descendant. The “spoiled” James as a child was confident and aggressive. Then he deflated his head, was named Head Boy, and began dating Lily Evans. Harry was born on July 31, 1980, at the age of twenty-one.

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Is Snape Harry’s Father? absolutely not. The dad of Harry Potter is James Potter, very simple. The physical similarity among Harry and James occurs throughout the books several times.

Is Snape Harry’s Father?

Snape is not the dad of Harry Porter, but James Potter is his dad. Snape adored Mother Lily of Harry, therefore he feels like Harry’s father.

Harry Potter Explained

Harry Potter spends an uneasy summer with his horrible Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon when an unforeseen rush against Harry and his cousin Dudley was called by a troop of “dementors.”

harry potter sign board

After having used magic to defend him, Harry was visited by a party of wizards and transported to the twelveth place, Grimmauld, London.

Residence of Harry’s Godfather

No. 12 is the residence of Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black, and the Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters.

The Order is an organisation of Wizards led to combat the evil Lord Voldemort and his adherents by Hogwart’s CEO Albus Dumbledore.

Harry utilized magic to fight dementors, and as minors cannot use their walls outside school, he must face a ministry-wide disciplinary tribunal.

With the help of Dumbledore, Harry is cleared and allowed to return to Witchcraft and Wizards’ Hogwarts School.

The Order must operate secretly outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magical headed by Cornelius Fudge, thick and corrupt. Fudge refuses to admit that Lord Voldemort is back.

Returns to Hogwarts

Harry returns to Hogwarts, joined together with his best friends Ron and Hermione, knowing that Dolores Umbridge, Fudge employee, will be his new professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Hogwarts castle

The Sorting Hat, which has traditionally separated all freshmen into one of four houses, warns pupils against overly divided internally.

In the meantime, the magical daily, the Daily Prophet, continues to print inaccurate and unfair Harry stories.

Many of his students mutter over him behind his back, but Harry does not know about them and tries to concentrate on his studies because all students of the fifth year at Hogwarts need O.W.L.s or ordinary wizard level exams.


key facts icon

Complete title

Harry Potter and the Phoenix Order


J. K. Rowling

Work Type

Fantasy Children’s Novel Genre English Time and Place Scotland

First Publication

Date 2003,Scholastic Publisher Inc.


Third person, near Harry Potter Point Of View
Intimate third person giving insights into the private thoughts of Harry


Playful, disgusting, exciting


Fixed (Time)
Current day
Fixed (Place)
Witchcraft and Wizardry Hogwarts School, UK


Harry Potter

The Great Conflict

In their attempt to avert the return of evil Lord Voldemort, Harry and his pals help the Order of the Phoenix.

Lord Voldemort starts to enter Harry’s psyche by influencing his dreams.

apex Harry gets a vision of Lord Voldemort’s torturing of his godfather, Sirius Black, and he rushing to the Ministry of Magic to save him.

Action to Fall

The prophesy is destroyed, Voldemort runs away, and Hogwarts is returned by Harry and Dumbledore.


The link among knowledge and time; education as power;


Lying; isolation; blood


Education decrees; O.W.L. examinations


Harry’s escalating dreams constantly predict future events.


Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Three offers us the lengthy truth about Snape, starting from boyhood and practically to his death.


After reading his life’s storey, we find the solutions of many mysteries and enigmas surrounding this figure, yet it is still full of fascinating inconsistencies.

Snape As A Child

As a child, he is both attractive and unpleasant. We want to be with him, since to his embarrassment, he had a father who did not love him, and a mother who dressed him, in unattractive clothes.

His Love Lily

His clear love to Lily, his desperate desire to make her his friend, is also intriguing. Yet, out of his reaction to the obstacles, he has already developed ugly qualities.


It’s private and secret to most people and most of the globe is resentful. He wants to be special, and he wants to have her Muggle sister with a special buddy in Lily.

And he is a little devious in his secrecy and his desire to be exceptional, opening Petunia’s letter and informing Lily about him.

During His School

During his school years in Hogwarts, these discrepancies persist and come with both him and Lily.

He still loved her and remained loyal to her, but his disregard of the Muggles who maltreated him and his desire to be exceptional led him into pure-blood ideals.

which offended Lily, and led him to associate him with other Slytherians who regard himself as special and superior.

His desperation to hold on to Lily, the flipside of his loyalty to her, leads him to detest James Potter jealously. His commitment and affection partially redeemed him to create a blend of negative attributes.

Death Eater

After Lily told him they weren’t friends any more, Snape joined Voldemort and became a Death Eater. The only thing he does is to notify Voldemort about the forecast of Professor Trelawney about the kid who can accidentally defeat Voldemort, and who puts life on Lily Potter.

broken heart

But Dumbledore gives him an opportunity to save himself, and even after Lily dies Snape remains loyal to his promise, remaining faithful to her by safeguarding her son.

Then the blend of excellent and bad attributes is more about the appearance of the surface.Snape appears grey, evil, and vengeful on the surface, but is actually the bravest, most trustworthy defender of Dumbledore.

Who’s Harry Potter’s real father?

James is Harry Potter’s father and almost identical to him except with hazel eyes. He was the offspring of Ignotus Peverell and that the only child of rich, old parents who were very kind and died shortly after leaving Hogwarts.

son father

Death of James

James was a “pampered” child and throughout his childhood could be haughty and a little nasty. His 7th year, he “flared his head a little,” was named Head Boy and began dating from Lily Evans, whom he subsequently married. He was 20 when Harry, his son, was born on 31 July 1980.

He was the young wizard who was killed by Voldemort during the 1970’s when he was killed shielding his son Harry when he was 15 months old. James Potter was Harry’s father.


James Potter I, popularly known as Prongs, was the English pure blood wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter from 27 March 1960-31 October 1981.

From 1971 to 1978, he attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was assigned to Gryffindor
James Potter is a young wizard who in the 1970s fought Voldemort only to be killed together with his wife Lily while trying to protect their fifteen-month-old baby Harry.


Harry Potter’s father, James, is nearly identical to his son, with the exception of hazel eyes. He was the son of Ignotus Peverell and the only child of wealthy, elderly parents who died soon after he graduated from Hogwarts.



1-Who is the father of Harry?

Potter James

He was then a secret spy for Albus Dumbledore as well as the Phoenix Order. The fact that Lily picked Harry’s father James Potter only fuel Snape’s anger against Harry.

2-Why did Lily chose James over Snape?

Why did Lily Evans select the Severus Snape James Potter? Lily selected James because James proven so unfaithful to anybody essential to him in his loyalty and dedication.

During her life, Snape could never achieve that. He ultimately learned how only after her death.

3-Did Snape love Lily Potter really?

Snape genuinely loved Lily: through her years at Hogwarts; through her marriage to James Potter, another wizard; through her stint as a Death Eater, and long after her murder at the Lord Voldemort Wall.

4-Why is Snape the Half Blood Prince?

His dad’s been a muggle.

His dad was negligent and at times abusive, which could have caused Muggles to despise Snape.

He opted to reject his dad’s name wholly at some point in his school days, giving himself the moniker “The Half-Blood Prince” as his mother’s maiden name.

5-Why didn’t Lily love back Snape?

Not only did Snape disregard that after he had been emotionally abusive, Lily did not return his affections and resent their choice, but he also blamed James for his very behaviour.

This personal lack of accountability is an awful cliché and may be why Lily did not respond to his feelings.


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Harry Potter’s father, James, is nearly identical to his son, with the exception of hazel eyes. He was the son of Ignotus Peverell and the only child of wealthy, elderly parents who died soon after he graduated from Hogwarts.

James was a “spoiled” child who was snobbish and a bit rude throughout his youth.

His obvious affection for Lily, as well as his intense desire to make her his friend, is intriguing. Despite this, he has already developed unattractive characteristics as a result of his reaction to the obstacles.