Is Seh2 Polar Or Nonpolar

Is Seh2 Polar Or Nonpolar

Why does Polar SeH2 help? 3

I know this is a one sided condition because it is H2 and the only electron is the opposite side. Why not Apolar, I think it's perfectly symmetrical?

Do you know the vector? In physics?

Vectors represent size (length of arrow) and direction (direction of dupole, in this case most electric atoms). If you have two vectors, the result (combination of vectors) will be a triangle if you use the arrow keys to add TIPTOTAIL.

Pull the SeH2 molecule. You will see that the bonding dopole points to the Se atom. Move the two arrows towards the paper (just translate, hold and move). It was as if he were on tiptoe. The result is an arrow that joins two polar arrows (should be a triangle). SeH2 is polar because it points to a bonding dupole. This is because H2O is polar (they have the same molecular geometry).

If you have a non-polar molecule, you will see that the dopoles cancel each other out. In CO2:

O = C = O

There are two connected dopoles. One refers to oxygen (left) and the other to oxygen (right). If you combine these two vectors together, they will cancel each other out. That is why CO2 is not polar.

Is Seh2 polar or non-polar?

In the case of compounds with curved molecular geometries, the molecules are always polar. Both bonds pull more in one direction, you need a third atom to move away from the other two to balance the polarity. Imagine a man standing in front of you with his arms folded. If a person stretches each arm, the resulting force will propel the person forward, whereas if the person's arms are spread on both sides at an angle of 180 degrees (as in linear geometry), they are balanced. will go.

Certainly not e) b / c CH4 is not polar. NH3 is also not polar. Nor PH3. I would say hydrogen bond in H2O. Did you know that hydrogen bonds can only exist between hydrogen and fluorine, oxygen or nitrogen? Just pull the molecules and see if they are polar (not symmetrical). I'm sure it's water.

Hydrogen atoms are not antagonistic. They are more positive than Se, so, among other electrons, Se has a negative charge on hydrogen. Therefore, all the positive charges are at the level of hydrogen and all the negative charges are at the level of selenium.

Is Seh2 Polar Or Nonpolar