Is Scorpio A Water Sign

Is Scorpio A Water Sign

Why is Scorpio considered a water sign? ۔

Pisces (Pisces) and (Cancer) live in water, but scorpions do not live. You live in the desert, so won't you become a landmark?

If you look at the signs, they are astronomical signs, they are different from our initial level. If you like astrology, you should know that the sign is named after the stars and where they stand when they meet. He then states the theory of the forces behind each symbol that they have become part of our element. Yes, scorpions are not known for diving, but like the ocean they are very strong, they can change in an instant and they are very mysterious. You need to look at the definition of each character to understand why they are marked this way. Some, like the weather, are quite predictable, others, like watermarks, are not.

I don't think the signs and elements on the roscope are always the same. It is possible that the rotation of the earth, air and water occurs when the constellation is present. Also, signs are more likely to describe a person's personality (he is a pioneer, the land is stable, the air is pleasant, the water is smooth, etc.).

I don't know why, but since I've been as tight as possible in the mesh and Scorpio doesn't have enough water to stop me!

They represent boiling water because they can withstand the heat of the desert, their water is deep and they know where to look for it. In any combination of money elements, water, earth, air, and any of the three symbols do not represent the element on the visual or cap surface, but are always from that element.

No one knows the answer. Aquarius is a symbol of water as well as wind. Go find out

Is Scorpio A Water Sign