Is Romeo Bipolar

Is Romeo Bipolar

Is Romeo polar or not? 3

In my first grade English class, we read Romeo and Juliet, talked to Romeo, who was so depressed about Rosalina, so depressed that, according to my teacher, he wanted to kill himself. So obviously he met Juliet in the cat, he was so happy he sent a curse. Can anyone now get excited about suicide in 12 hours, like the depressed Wromeo the morning he swore to himself that it was too late? I said it all depends on what's going on, but my teacher said it's an old stress drop ... it's just extreme. So can anyone help me?

It is possible. Of course, as we have said, there were no polar disturbances at that time. Polar is a term that has only come up in the last century and there is still debate about what polarity is and what it is not.

You can discuss this. This is known as the Literary Psychology app, where you apply psychological principles to critique / read a text.

We say you claim that Romeo is polar. What does this mean for text? Why is it important that Romeo is polar?

I don't think what happened to Romeo had anything to do with polar or pure interference. I am a teenager I'm not saying that all young people are as extremist as they are, but let's face it, teenagers, especially boys, are very emotional. They fall in love so quickly and often, and not because their feelings aren't real. This is because all their lungs are torn, every emotion that we as human beings feel is great for them. So no, I don't think Romeo is doing well medically and I think he really likes Juliet. He is passionate about making smart decisions, and this is an exaggerated representation of how most teenagers are.

It was clear he was mentally unstable. These extremes can contribute to significant changes in your mood. Either he or she is still a teenager.

When you compare Romeo and Juliet, you can see that they are very different in terms of personality. Romeo's mood changes all the time, while Juliet is usually logical and isolated. Shakespeare may have done this on purpose, not only to create humor but also to promote the idea that he was destined to love.

Is Romeo Bipolar