Is Peanut Beneficial for Health?

Peanuts! The most exciting, nutritious, and beneficial snack could ever avoid! From fitness freak to winter’s token, chocolate companion, enhancing dessert ingredient, and as a best-serving item for guests, this Saltash yummy snack has its persona.

For me, the peanut supplier business is always high in the bar since people love it in all seasons, and the market needs it for several reasons. With specific regards to it, today we are going to share what basic health benefits of peanut are, and how to buy the best quality peanut in bulk as it takes high demand for making peanut butter, chocolates, peanut chickees, and for importing to other target regions

Let’s shed light on the role of peanuts in terms of basic health factors;

Major Health Benefits of Peanuts

Boost Your Metabolism

The peanuts provide key nutrients that can help you keep your metabolism at its best. Also, peanuts help in stimulating your metabolism. According to renowned Purdue University, consuming peanuts for consistent 19 weeks results in resting energy expenditure 11 % greater than at baseline.

Whereas, studies in adults and young ones have shown that people who eat peanuts on regular basis, have lower body weight, and lower body mass index. Thus, including peanuts or peanut butter as a nutritious addition to your diet can be done without guilt or breaking “the diet bank” when eaten in the right portion

Fights depression

The low serotine level leads to depression. Tryptophan in peanuts increases the release of this chemical and thus helps you fight depression. Peanut is beneficial for health in plenty of ways, thus we need to take in a minimum of two tablespoons of peanut butter each week to keep those dangerous diseases away

Protect Against Gall Stones

Just an ounce of peanuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter each week can save you from gall stones or gall bladder with 25% reduced risk. This amazing health benefit of peanuts keeps all diseases at bay.

Reduce Colon Cancer

The peanuts are also helpful to reduce colon cancer, especially in women. Eating at least 2 spoons of peanut butter twice a week can result in reducing the risk of reducing colon cancer in women by up to 58%, and in men by up to 27%. Here peanuts prove the best nutritious source for women

Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain

Though nuts are known to provide a variety of cardio-protective benefits, yet it’s also known for reducing the risk of weight gain, this is the reason fitness freaks, gym experts consume peanuts in greater amount. A prospective study published in the journal “Obesity” shows claims such fears are groundless.

The fact is, people who eat nuts at least twice a weak are much less likely to gain weight than those who never eat nuts

Prevent Heart Disease

Peanuts are rich in monosaturated fats, the type of fat that is emphasized in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies of the diet with a special emphasis on peanuts have revealed that this little legume is a big ally for a healthy heart.

Apart from their monosaturated fat content, peanuts feature an array of other nutrients which in numerous studies have been shown to promote heart health.

Rich in Anti-Oxidants

The peanuts contain anti-oxidant in high concentrations. These anti-oxidants become more attractive when peanuts are boiled. There’s a two-fold increase in Biochanin-A and a 4-fold increase in Genistein content.

This reduces the damage done by free radicals produced in the body. To lower your risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, enjoy a handful of peanuts, or a tablespoon of nut butter 4 times a week

Peanuts are Anti-aging

The peanuts have been found to contain the potent anti-aging molecule resveratrol, the same phytochemical found in red wine and grapes. According to recent studies, the resveratrol found in peanuts can help in fighting the proliferation of fat cells, and improve uptake of sugar from the blood. Also, it is found in inside peanut, as well as in outer skin

Rich Source of Vitamin B Complex & Minerals

The nuts are packed with many important B-complex groups of vitamins including; riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B-6, and folates. Around 100 grams of peanuts provide 85% of RDI of niacin, which contributes to improving brain health, and blood flow to the brain. The nuts are a rich source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc

A good amount of peanut per day provides enough recommendation level of phenolic, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein

Brain Food for Kids

The peanuts are rich in proteins, an amino acid present in them is good for proper growth and body development. Peanut butter is a kid’s friendly and nutritious food. Many kids love peanut butter, as it provides high nutrition to them.

The health benefit of peanuts for children provides a good supply of protein for body development, a good supply of essential fatty acid for brain development, the supply of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. The peanut butter contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are best for a child’s brain development

They’ll need these fatty acids as they grow with age.

What is The Best Way to buy Quality Peanuts in Bulk?

Okay, as far as choosing quality peanuts in bulk either from wholesale, or retailer peanuts supplier is concerned, then the amount of your aim to buy in bulk partly depends on the quality which you want to use. The salted and plain peanuts can stay fresh for months providing that if stored in airtight containers.

Peanuts you buy from wholesalers are usually safe and fresh. Yet, it is a must that you examine all bulk peanuts which you buy before eating or cooking them. The fresh peanuts on other hand should be solid in texture. Avoid those peanuts that feel soft or mushy, since they’re likely spoiled and not preferable to consider


To conclude, not all peanut suppliers and distributors are the same. Each owns different stock containing different kinds of peanuts in varying quantities.