IS-LM Model

IS-LM Model,

IS-LM Model: What is the Meaning of IS-LM Model?

  1. IS-LM Model definition is: Brian Barnier is chief analyst at ValueBridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of, and a visiting professor at Colin Powell School, City University, New York.

    • The ISLM model describes how real goods markets and financial markets interact to balance interest rates and gross domestic product.
    • ISLM stands for Money Supply Priority Liquidity Savings Investment.
    • This model is designed as a formal pictorial representation of the principles of Keynesian economic theory.
    • In the ISLM diagram, IS represents one curve while LM represents the other curve.
    • ISLM can be used to describe how changing market preferences changes the balance between gross domestic product (GDP) and market interest rates.
    • The ISLM model lacks accuracy and realism, which is a useful formula for economic policy.

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