Is Liverwurst Good For Dogs

Is Liverwurst Good For Dogs

Is Liver Sausage Bad for Dogs?

Liver sausage is rich in fat, salt and preservatives. It's not good for humans, just let the animals live, and it can get into a dog's stomach like that.

Personally, I prefer this little training set or cheese cube when I work with my dogs. They are easy on the dog's stomach. . And if you've ever smelled German Shepherd's Liver Sauce, you know why it's important. )

Is Liver Sausage Good for Dogs?

In fact, you are wrong. Liver and liver sausage is great as a treat for small dogs.

Why are you asking people here when your highly trained doctor has already told you?

Is it the case that you keep asking questions until you get an answer from someone they want to hear?

Liver sausage is very rich and contains a lot of salt, which makes it bad. This is definitely not what you want to hear.

I am ready to try liver liver sauce just for my dog ​​to hide a strong antibiotic. I see that it works because your nose can say anything when I try to deceive you.

I think liver sausage is bad for most animals!

Take your doctor's advice seriously.

Is Liverwurst Good For Dogs

Is Liverwurst Good For Dogs

Oh! Now you are asking me if sausage liver is bad for me!

Feed your dog only at the dog food store. Buy dog ​​food regularly. There are many things that can harm a dog or a cat and not harm anyone. Buy dog ​​treats regularly. I now! :)

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However, it contains a lot of salt, which can be very harmful to dogs.

Is Liverwurst Good For Dogs