Is Kurapika A Girl

Is Kurapika A Girl

Is Korapika a girl or not?

Must be a boy ...

Well, Korapika is often mistaken for a girl because of her blonde hair and facial features.

But this has been confirmed by the creator Yoshihro Toi.

And that was confirmed during a conversation in the car when she pretended to be a girl:

Croro: I didn't know the channel's user was a woman.

Korapika: You don't know * take off the wig *

I get really angry when other people insist that it is Korapika.

In fact, it is very easy to find out your gender.

Most of the time _

That's all ..

For example, I helped _


'Urgent! '

kurapika girl

The real question is not whether Korapika is a boy or a girl, because Korapika is an imaginary character and therefore has no gender. If the author, as an imaginary character, says he is a boy, then he is a boy and that's it. As always, the question I wanted to answer was: Is this the girl who spoke to Corpica in the 1999 and 2011 animated series? Since I've seen them both and they both sound like women's voices, it's like an artistic trap for the writer to insist that the character is a boy, but the artist wants him to look like a girl. To attract to ask. Act feminine way and then hire a girl to voice her right? You may have a character that looks like a monkey's tail and so on, use a real monkey recording for the character's voice, let the character eat bananas all day and then tell the author Not to say that this is just a giraffe. Watch. Like a monkey, so you have to accept that on a level when an author creates the reality of the story, but it's a very harsh form of deliberate defamation under the guise of artistic freedom. Now, if cartoonists could find some voice actors who were really male and female voices, it would be great. It was the voice that bothered me the most.

By the way, I am also another Korapika in this matter.

Another thing that came to mind when he emphasized that Korapika is a girl is that Korapika has a girl and this is a girl. According to the description, Korapika has a girl's waist, and so far one girl has proved that she is a girl. Some still don't know that there is a man who looks like a woman. Korapika, 17, is different. Korapika is a girl from head to toe, just like Sean Hackandon ... same daughter, with thighs and legs. We should expect all men to look masculine, but this is not very common. This means that not all men have the same nature as Korapika / Kog Yagami.

Kurapika is a boy! I know that I am also a T-T girl. It would be better to have a girl in the boy band (which includes Gon and Leverio), but Mangaka / creator Yoshiro Toi has stated and confirmed that Korapika is .. Men! He really likes to do it, doesn't he? In the previous work, Yue Haku, Karma's character also looks like a girl ... Anyway, if you want to know more about Korpika,

I guarantee that Korapika is a boy because I have seen old animes and he is definitely a boy. But what I don't understand is why Korapika is talking about a formal girls' scheme. This is the 2011 edition and when you train through this Master Yuteen you will hear it clearly and say Watshi ...

Is Kurapika A Girl

Is Kurapika A Girl

Is CURAPIKA a woman or what? Or maybe I want you to know that there is a question, how does Toro Karpika change a woman?

My answer, everyone should accept, is: Corpica is a man, but, unlike other men her age, she is as alert as a girl.

Another question is that she is a woman from TSW Presbyterian Corpica. What should I say when there is absolute truth where no one else believes in ideas and opinions? I say there is a possibility that ZPERZENTE (0.00%) KURAPIKA will meet a woman in the future.

Even Tugh Korpika is mentioned in Anif, and as a boy I don't know why they didn't make her a girl. What she sounds like, what she looks like and what she wears is a bit Galilean (not that it's bad or anything). I wish there were at least strong female characters in the SW, but no, in order to maintain the real anime obsession, most of the recurring female characters, in addition to one, wore more bright clothes and Some were not feasible.

Is Kurapika A Girl

Is Kurapika A Girl

If the Creator says he is a man, then he is a man. But seriously, the scene where he was present and had a bandage on his chest to hide was really a mysterious scene and when Korapika took off the bandage. Korapika looked back with a capital. I don't know why SW Anime introduced it, but the creators still insist it's a boy. This scene really confused us.

X has a female role

Is Kurapika A Girl