Is Jeffree Star A Boy Or Girl

Is Jeffree Star A Boy Or Girl

Is Jeffrey Starr a boy or a girl? ۔

I've seen pictures, but I've never dared to listen to all of Jeffrey's songs ... Is Jeffrey a boy or a girl?


Jeffrey Starr is a man.

American model

Fashion designer

Artist make up

Singer and composer.

SRV09 androgynous violator ~~~>.

Definitely a boy. His name is also Jeffrey ...

You are really rude and transgender / people!

If he could give points, he would give points to everyone if they were good. I agree with Sam, she is a girl trapped in a man.

This is a girl who is stuck in a boy. Live like a woman.

Everyone agrees. My answer is true. I think a lot of people and fundamentalists are voting today.

This boy is dressed as a girl.

Forever! Forever! Yeah sure! He did not just say that this was him. He is a transgender man who looks like a woman.

Son! It's like a transvestite! Yes, you said! MDR!

Is Jeffree Star A Boy Or Girl