Is Hearst Castle Open

Is Hearst Castle Open

Hearst Castle is open all year?

Hearst Castle Visiting Hours Hearst Castle is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Check availability online or call 1800 4444 445 for available times.

By the way, can you go to Hearst Castle without a guided tour?

Without the promenade, only the visitor center can be seen. Without booking a trip to the castle in advance, try your luck, even if every day is different.

And how long does it take to get to Hearst Castle?

The Great Halls tour lasts 60 minutes and includes approximately 159 steps up and down and a 2/3 mile walk.

People also ask if Hearst Castle is open in December?

Each year, from late November to late December, Hearst Castle is adorned with festive splendor. From large outdoor garlands to soaring trees in large common areas, you'll love this December winter wonderland.

Is Hearst Castle decorated for Christmas?

The castle is decorated in the same luxurious style from the Hearst era. But the trip itself doesn't focus on holiday traditions. But here's just a little taste of Hearst Castle's Christmas traditions: Hearst wanted to throw out extravagant Christmas parties for his employees' children.

How much does it cost to see Hearst Castle?

Admission Prices Guided Tours Adults Children (512 years) Evening Tour $ 36.00 $ 18.00 Festive Twilight Tour $ 30.00 $ 15.00 Available Grand Hall Tour $ 25.00 $ 12.00 Tour Available Evening $ 36.00 $ 18.

00 Is Hearst Castle Worth Visiting?

Hearst Castle is worth a visit. Yes, it's flamboyant, shoddy, big, and probably not the best example of American architecture, but it's a beautiful place and the views are amazing. One trip should be enough.

How much does it cost to get married in Hearst Castle?

... it will cost you $ 7,500 to book the castle for 1 to 50 people up to 3 hours and $ 15,000 for parties over 50 people or weddings over 3 hours. This excludes the $ 500-1,000 refundable security deposit, $ 50 planning fee, and employee benefit costs.

Can you stay at Hearst Castle?

You can't stay at Hearst Castle, but you can have fun at Hearst's Hacienda near King City and the small town of Jolon. It is quite far from the castle.

Can you walk around Hearst Castle for free?

There is no way to walk alone in the castle.

Can you take pictures of Hearst Castle?

Personal photography is permitted inside and outside buildings for personal enjoyment. Stand is not allowed, but monopods can be used. Flash photography is only allowed outdoors. Commercial photography or filming at Hearst Castle requires a film permit and prior permission from the museum director.

Can you swim in Hearst Castle?

You can swim in the famous Hearst Castles pools. It will only cost you 1250. The 104 foot Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Imagine diving into one of Hearst Castle's lovely pools on a warm summer's evening.

Is Hearst Castle free?

Free admission. The museum is free. You can purchase food, including steaks from Hearst Ranch, and gifts, including replicas of castle items and bus tour tickets that will take you up the hill to see Hearst Castle.

What can you do in Hearst Castle?

Things to do near Hearst Castle William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach. No. # 4 of 26 things to do in San Simeone. Hearst Ranch Winery. No. # 5 of 26 things to do in San Simeone. The foundation at Hearst Castle. Be the first to write a review about this attraction. SĂ©bastien General Store. Position. Old San Simeone. Piedras Blancas.

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Where will I stay while visiting Hearst Castle?

Hotels and accommodations at San Simeon Lodge in San Simeon. Show the hotel. Cavalier complex by the sea Discover the hotel. Silver Surf Motel. Show the hotel. Quality Inn near Hearst Castle. Show the hotel. Sea Breeze Inn. Look at the hotel. Morgan and San Simeone. Show the hotel. Sands from the sea motel. Show hotel. Regards Inn San Simeon. Show the hotel.

How far is Hearst Castle from Cambria?

10 miles

How far is San Luis Obispo from Hearst Castle?

40 miles

How to visit Hearst Castle

The two best things to do in Hearst Castle are to visit the visitor center and a trip to the top of the hill to see Hearst Castle. Head to the Visitor Center (free), which has a small exhibition area dedicated to William Randolph Hearst and Hearst Castle, a casual restaurant, café, and gift shop.

What animals are there at Hearst Castle?

The many species in the menagerie at one point included: black bears, grizzly bears, sun bears, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas, chimpanzees, orangutans, monkeys, macaws, kinkajous, coati, swans, storks, a tapir and an elephant.

Is Hearst Castle Open