Is Greenfield Puppies A Puppy Mill

Is Greenfield Puppies A Puppy Mill

Are Greenfield Dog Scams? 3

Has anyone ever kept a dog with a greenfield dog? We dreamed and thought we had a dog. Turns out we don't want to send him money and he gets sick or maybe never keeps a dog.


Does anyone really have dogs here?

They almost gave me a puppy. Most greenfield dogs are Bacard and Puppy Mills. I will not trust them. You never know what might happen. You may or may not have a sick dog. I will try a shelter or intimacy. p which helps.

PA is one of the best dog breeding countries. Greenfield is an agent for Puppy Mills and Bacard and represents at least 61 breeds. Although there are definitions on the site, this does not mean that they are legitimate. In fact, it is more likely not to take a picture of a dog, as runners often use clip art or old pictures of other dogs. If you can buy your new best friend directly from a place where you can see the puppies, learn about return policies, and see the dog's mother and possibly him Is very unlikely to be out of breath.

When shopping for dogs or puppies online, ASPCA offers these simple tips:

* Always check references, including who you bought your pet from and they work with veterinarians.

* Make sure you are dealing directly with the broker, not the broker.

* Never send payments by Western Union or Money Orders.

* Always visit. Rebels and rescue groups are happy to offer you a guided tour.

* If you are told that a sick dog does not cry, it is probably a dog's mill. Rebel or rescue groups will always bring the dog back for whatever reason.

* Always pick up your dog from the kennel. Don't send the dog or look for it anywhere.

Run in different directions as fast as possible. Don't support puppy mills or their brokers. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

He runs a dog factory. Lancaster, PA is known for its dog mill. You can get a puppy from them, but the chances of it being a standard dog are very low and it won't cost you much to see a doctor. Buy from someone in your area and you want to see the dog's parents there. Buy a standard SW dog if you want to spend your money wisely. You may also find that their prices are at or lower than those sold by pet stores and dog breeders. Do your homework on the breed you are interested in to learn about the dog's body shape and temperament. The best place to learn from anyone who sells APR, CKC or other registered dogs is a scam.


Here is a site to explain the difference between Puppy Mill / BYB and Rebel.

Is Greenfield Puppies A Puppy Mill

Is Greenfield Puppies A Puppy Mill

You run a dog factory. Stay away, stay away If you want a puppy of a particular breed, contact the AKC-affiliated bread club for breeds running from Csen. As you can tell by the sw, they are usually quite rebellious. If you agree with older puppies and / or do not belong to a particular breed, check with your local animal shelter and animal shelter to see if they have any topics in which your There may be interest.

Greenfield Puppies is definitely a dog farm / dog factory, the dog farm is a large breed that uses puppies profitably only under the best quality conditions. Definitely a fraudulent site.

If you see any of these signs, it's best to look elsewhere:

* You can't see the dog's parents (they may not always be around, this is normal).

* It doesn't let you see your calves.

* You cannot receive registration documents from parents.

* You do not currently have Dog Pope registration papers.

* No parental lineage.

* There is no guarantee for any of your dog's children.

* None of your dogs have been tested for genetic diseases.

* None of your dogs are OFAD.

* None of your dogs get CERF.

* He doesn't want to know if anything has happened to his dog (it's his).

* He creates many unknown species such as Sdles, Ladoodles and others.

* R-th dog has no veterinary examination.

* There is no mandatory / neutral neutering for standard pets.

* No mandatory vaccine (at least basic vaccine), no disinfectant.

* Breeding for pet quality only means creating for money, not improving something.

* Breeding is not done to enhance the general outdoor or working style of the breed.

* You do not know the direction of the race.

* Your dog seems to have health problems.

* He always sells puppies, sometimes two or three liters at a time.

* At least don't keep the mother's veterinary record in hand.

* Your dog is no less than a swing, work or play, even if it is raised for any animal.

* There is no reference to puppies from the previous litter.

* He's not asking about the neighborhood you gave the dog, he just wants to see a check (and prefers cash).

* Dogs are ready to go whenever they want (less than eight weeks). Advertising by color, size, etc. Rarely

* Promote or sell your dog at a significantly lower price.

* It sells to pet stores, dog brokers, wholesalers, etc.

* The age of the breed should be two years.

It's a long list, but given the health and well-being of your new family member, it's always better to decide who to shop for than to have potentially devastating health problems in a year or two. Are doing

Another option is to find out from your local animal shelter if you are looking for a branded dog.

This is a great place to buy a companion worm! All races, races and mixes, plus you save lives!

This site is a dog factory or broker ... a broker acquires a dog factory.

There are better places for dogs.

Is Greenfield Puppies A Puppy Mill