Is Diet Coke Keto Safe?

Consuming diet coke while on Keto is not considered healthy; So if you are looking to know is diet coke keto safe? Then you need to know that it can destroy all of the efforts you are putting in to maintain ketosis.

Diet coke and Keto:

Diet soda fits into the keto diet plan as it has no carbs and no calories, but drinking diet soda prohibits weight loss. It is made up of artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, acesulfame, neotame, and sucralose. All of these are safe to eat, but these are not healthy, and the keto diet is all about consuming healthy food items.

These sweeteners are prepared in laboratories and are not natural. This is one of the biggest reasons to avoid diet coke. These will not only damage your health but will hinder your transformation and weight loss goals.

Another reason for avoiding diet coke on Keto is it induces cravings for more sweet. If a person is consuming too much diet coke, the sweet taste persuades the brain and the taste buds to have more sweet. This will result in having more sugar, and this is not good for weight loss. The sweet taste of these drinks creates an imbalance in insulin levels, and this imbalance contributes to weight gain.

It is important to understand that diet coke cannot be justified for having into a diet plan just because it has zero carbs and zero calories. It is not a healthy drink and therefore, cannot be a part of any healthy diet plan considering its nutritional value.

Bottom Line:

Keto is a great way to help you reduce weight, but a healthy diet should be followed to have ketosis. So diet coke must be avoided because it’s unhealthy.

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