Is Diet Coke Bad for Keto?

The diets sodas are a kind of carbonated beverage that not only is filled with sugars but also contains many other damaging artificial flavors & ingredients. Therefore, your concern about is diet coke bad for keto is absolutely right.

Diet Coke Keto

Why Diet Coke is not a Healthy Choice?

Many of the diet coke contain aspartame in them but are aspartame good for the keto diet? Let’s explore it!

These diet cokes are low in carbs content, but the fact is they may be inferior to fruit juice or regular coke. Surely, they don’t have any carb, sugar, or calories, and they provide the same sweet taste as the regular coke or other carbs drinks. Their sweetness is just due to the aspartame is present in them that is dangerous for your health.

Aspartame is linked to many serious health diseases just as fatigue, anxiety, depression, lower energy level, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and the increased desire to drink these drinks. That’s why the diet coke is even worse than Pepsi or regular coke. Aspartame also prevents your body from reduce weight, so it is not good for ketogenic users.

Diet coke will provide you with the opposite outcomes as you want to get with a ketogenic diet or low carb diet. The diet coke will not usually affect your sugar level, but it will have a great influence on your ketone level that is necessary to keep you in the ketosis state. So you will have a lower level of ketones and will gain more weight.


The intake of diet soda has resulted in many kinds of health disorders for decades. That’s why to avoid all these health issues, the users have shifted to diet coke or coke zero to satisfy their hunger. I hope this post has provided you a clear perspective about is diet coke is bad for keto.

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