Is Dhgate Safe

Is Dhgate Safe

Is DH Gate a secure site?

No, DH Gate is not a secure site.

Any website that advertises products that are cheaper than the manufacturer's official website is a fake website that sends counterfeit products or simply collects money without the hassle of sending counterfeit goods.

The images on the website look like real objects because they are official objects. Tse's photos were stolen from the manufacturer's official website. If you accept something suspicious, it will not look like this beautiful image at all.

Payment options, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal and bank transfer say it all. The credit card symbol is only available for sw, this site does not accept credit cards, only anonymous cash payments.

Western Union and MoneyGram do not write anything on the form filled out by the sender, nor do they mean anything by name, postal address, country, or even the gender of the recipient. The employee will not bother to verify the identity and will only give the money to someone who walks through the door with the MTCN number and a question / answer. No company will notify the sender as to who received the money, in which store or even to which country the money was sent. No company has a fraud policy, remittances are wasted.

PayPal can only refund your money if there is still money in the bank account of the PayPal fraudster. Criminals know this and they take your money back and disappear immediately. If you don't have money in the bank account associated with PayPal Bully, you will have no chance at all.

If you still have money in the fraudster's account, your bank can refund your money. Criminals know this and will take back the money you transferred immediately. If there is no money in the account, there is no chance of getting your hard earned money back.

Seriously, what do you do when things get tough? Email ignored and blocked? Send chat requests until your IP is blocked? Calling abroad and getting hanged?

EPS and DHL symbols are only available to support E. This website is only sent via EMS, this post, to get the tracking numbers they provide you to work on the EMS website. If tracking stops and your package is lost somewhere, it will take longer to contact EMS.

So you can be absolutely clear, your package was recovered, confiscated by customs and all you have to do is send a free email to the customs authorities via Western Union or MoneyGram with a free email address, like this page. Address. Such as your contact details.

Free email addresses can be easily opened and closed anonymously.

If you falsify Google with Western Union sellers, counterfeit MoneyGram sellers, counterfeit sellers or the like, you will find many messages from victims and victims near this type of scam.

Is Dhgate Safe

Is Dhgate Safe

This is not a secure site, why is it allowed on the web? * Money * must be withdrawn!

Is Dhgate Safe