Is Cracking An Egg A Physical Change

Is Cracking An Egg A Physical Change

Will there be any physical or chemical change in the egg? 3

Explain when the change took place

This is a physical change because it does not affect the chemical composition. Anything that looks like an ■■■■■■■■■, exploding, melting, freezing, evaporating, boiling, thickening, boiling, accumulating, bending, evaporating or dissolving is considered a physical change. Chemical changes include, for example, a change in color, a change in temperature, the development of a gas or odor, or the formation of a precipitate. Help for example!

Physically, my friend. Nothing happens chemically. Only hard breaks in turns: physically.

Physically, there is no reaction, all chemicals and compounds are present at the beginning of the experiment.


You can fix eggs.

But let's say how to bury wood somewhere ... it can't be changed.

Is Cracking An Egg A Physical Change