Is Cooking Meat A Chemical Change

Is Cooking Meat A Chemical Change

Is cooking raw meat a physical or chemical change? ۔

By the way, today my friend asked that question in science and ODY knows the answer ... not even a teacher. So he said that if anyone got an answer, they would buy candy. So please answer my question and it will be very helpful if you can talk about it.

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I don't think you do that for candy. That would be ridiculous.

However, I think cooking meat is both.

If you cook meat in it, the brother involved is called the Maillard effect (you want to correct the spelling), but then the proteins on the surface will break down and merge with the sugar. And it's a physical change when you're hot.

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Cooking involves chemical changes.

Changes in color and odor are often strong indications that a chemical change has occurred. Think about what you will see when cooking raw meat. The color changes from pink to brother and the scent definitely changes! Heat causes chemical changes in the structure of meat proteins.

Physical changes do not change the composition of any substance. If you cut the meat into pieces, the changes will be physical.

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Is Cooking Meat A Chemical Change