Is Chase A Good Bank Reddit

Is Chase A Good Bank Reddit

Is Chase Bank Good? ۔

By the way, I never had a bank account so I don't know about banks ...

My husband said he has a low level ACE card, it's not a bank, it's a credit bureau and he can cash your check ... if anyone knows ... I don't Knows that another bank does that ... it pays two dollars every time you put money on the card ... they only charge you ... and now ... other banks do that ? I say hunt because it's the only bank I find where we live ... and I don't want to spend a million dollars to put money in the bank ...

Thanks for your help ...

There is no such thing as a good bank, credit union or bank account. You should review all banking services, bills and fees. Each bank offers multiple accounts with different features and fees. Some banks may charge lower overdraft fees, but other areas may charge higher fees. Some accounts waive all fees if you have a minimum balance. Other accounts have a monthly fee, but there is no fee for each transaction. Other accounts do not have a monthly fee, but a fee for each transaction.

Some banks have a large number of ATMs that you can use for free. I use Bank of America. They have a large number of ATMs. As long as it is not a Bank of America ATM or a third party ATM, there is no ATM fee. Find out if your bank has a fee-free ATM.

There are third party ATMs. ACE looks like one of them. You are not affiliated with your bank. They charge for every transaction you make through a third party ATM. It's a bit like driving on a highway.

I suggest you visit some banks. Learn about the features and prices of each of your accounts. Find out how many ATMs are available and if there is a service charge for using the ATM.

Many banks offer post bank services. They provide pre-printed envelopes. You sign your check with your name and account number and write for deposit only. The only limitation is that you can't throw a coin in the bank.

Make sure you put everything in writing. Do not accept what the customer service representative says verbally.

Is Chase Bank Good?

Is Chase A Good Bank Reddit