Is Caviar Vegetarian

Is Caviar Vegetarian

What is vegetable caviar? 3

I asked a while ago, but a lot of ideas coming up are driving me crazy to ask. : S.

I was wondering, since chicken eggs are vegetables, are fish eggs (caviar) vegetables?

I'm a plant, I'm a wagon, so it's ideological. :)


We apologize! I mean, busy. :)

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No, most people know that caviar is a type of fish. These eggs are called eggs. Since most people consider chicken eggs to be a vegetable food, why choose caviar?

There is a big difference in the processing of chicken eggs compared to caviar made from fish eggs. In normal hen eggs, the mother hen lays eggs and the farmer (or so to speak industrial mother) collects the eggs, and the hens immediately lay eggs again. This is not the case with caviar.

Caviar eggs or eggs are extracted from the inside of the fish. That is, when a hen lays eggs, she does not lay caviar eggs. To get their eggs, fish are born when the ovary is removed with their eggs or the fish is caught and then the eggs are released after the fish.

All eggs are animal-influenced and are not considered vegetables.

Chicken eggs are not considered a vegetable. I know some vegetables and they never eat eggs.

The fish is caviar and the fish is meat / animal, although some vegetables eat fish for some reason.

I find the philosophy of vegetables very strange. If you don't want to eat meat or animal food then this is your choice and that's fine. But none of the vegetables I know follow the same rules, some eat fish, some don't, some have dairy, some ... make up your mind!

Good question. In caviar, fish is prepared on eggs, not on freshly picked eggs, as is the case with chickens.

Most caviar is obtained from fish. Caspian fishermen are hoping that an adult female sturgeon (at least 10 years old) will be ready to migrate upwards and lay eggs. After being caught, Sturgeon was taken to a large boat, where workers opened it and laid eggs. The caviar is cleaned and then packaged to prevent spoilage, and the rest of the fish is sold for meat.

Is Caviar Vegetarian

Is Caviar Vegetarian

No, not vegetarian, sorry :(

The answer to chicken is correct. In fact, fish need to be raised to get their eggs, not to lay eggs like chickens (caviar is good to eat).

It is not strange for you to ask yourself. That's a good question.

There are different types of vegetarians, so it depends on what you want to be / call yourself. Lacto means you drink milk but not eggs. Egg means egg, but not milk. Lactovo means you will eat eggs and milk. Wagon means no meat and no animals. To become a vegan, you shouldn't even eat caviar because it's a fish meal. There are other types of vegetarians, I'm sure you can find more online.

I would probably put it under the same umbrella as the fish we eat.

I was a vegetarian for a few years, then, for example, I broke up and finally gave up and ate meat.

Plague people enjoy a variety of delicious foods rich in protein in seafood, without chicken or injectable meat.

Sorry but no. Fish should be kept to protect their eggs, so they are not considered plants.

I don't think I'm crazy, that's a good question. :)

I think it depends on whether you eat eggs or not. it is what it is.

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Oh yeah, fast is right. They cut the fish to catch it.

Is Caviar Vegetarian

Is Caviar Vegetarian

No, sometimes fish eggs are called eggs, and sometimes you get sushi in donkey food. I only see red and orange.

Hmmm, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

No vegan eats eggs, not even milk. Therefore, caviar would be considered meat from a wagon point of view.

Is Caviar Vegetarian