Is Boeing 737 900 The Same As 737 Max

Is Boeing 737 900 The Same As 737 Max

Is the 737 900 the same as Max?

The 737 MAX aircraft are not identical to the previous variants 737700, 737800 and 737900. The new LEAP engines help the MAX aircraft achieve huge fuel savings over previous models, with an increase in energy efficiency of 10 to 12%.

Is that why the Boeing 737 900 is on the ground?

All 737 Maxs have been on lockdown since March after two deaths, one in Ethiopia and one in Indonesia. The Jet is a version of the monoplane workhorse that Boeing sold shortly before the launch of the 737 Max. Their model names are 737700, 737800 and 737900.

Is it also a Boeing 737 800 A max?

The 737 MAX is a fourth generation Boeing 737, again with CFM LEAP turbojets. The 737 MAX 7, MAX 8 (including the more compact 200-seat MAX 200) and MAX 9 are designed to replace the 737 700, 800 and 900 respectively. Additional lengths are offered with the extended 737 MAX 10.

So the question is what's the difference between the 737 and the Max?

The most noticeable difference between the two planes is the size: Max 8 is around 130 feet long and can accommodate up to 200 people, while Max 9 is nearly 3 feet taller and has 220 seats. Max 9 aircraft are also less common as only 41 of the 387 Max aircraft shipped to airlines are the Max 9 model.

Is the 737 Max still on the ground?

Boeing's ailing 737 Max will now be closed until at least June or July, months later than the company previously announced. And that means airlines are likely to cancel Max flights during the peak summer season.

What kind of aircraft is a Boeing 737 900?

Boeing 737 Next Generation Boeing 737 Next Generation 737 600/700/800/900 Roll Narrowbody Jet Aircraft Domestic Origin US Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Aircraft First Aircraft 9 February 1997 How many 737s are there on the ground? The FAA publicly confirmed the aircraft's airworthiness on March 11 and then declared it on March 13 after receiving new evidence of similarity between the incidents. On March 18, the 387 aircraft were grounded, disrupting 8,600 weekly flights of 59 airlines.

Is the 757 safe?

The safest aircraft in the world for 2019. Other aircraft with excellent safety records are the Boeing 737NG series with 0.08 deaths per million departures (PMD), Boeing 767 (0.10), the Airbus A320 series ( 0.10), Boeing 777 (0.18), Boeing 757 (0.20) and Airbus A330 (0.19). How much does a 737.

900 cost?

Not $ 72 million. Boeing's single-seat 737 is the most popular aircraft in the world - there are more flights than any other jet. It is also Boeing's smallest and cheapest airliner. The company sets the price of a 737 between $ 51.5 million and $ 87 million, depending on the model.

Is the Boeing 737 safe?

737 Max will be the safest aircraft in the sky when it resumes flying. The Boeing 737 Max - a relatively new aircraft model - became famous after two fatalities due to a bug in the aircraft's software.

Are all 737s down?

Updated March 14, 2019 by CT. On March 13, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) listed all US registered Boeing 737 MAXs, including variants 8 and 9.

Which aircraft is safest?

These models currently have a clean flight record and all connections are the safest aircraft: Airbus: A220, A319neo, A320neo, A321neo, A340, A350 and A380. Boeing: 717, 7478 and 787. Embraer: 135, 140 and 145.

Where are the United 737 900 sockets?

Visit the United Private Screening website for information on in-flight entertainment options. Ideally, the sockets are located one below the other so that passengers do not drain the device's battery while streaming.

Will the 737 Max ever fly again?

737 Max will be out of service until the FAA decides that a software patch proposal and pilot recycling program are sufficient, he said. Changes to the flight system must be certified during a test flight.

Has a Boeing 737 800 ever crashed?

The Ukrainian 737800 crashed shortly after take off from Tehran's main international airport, killing all 176 people on board. Early reports from Iranian state media attributed the accident to an engine failure.

How many Boeing 737s crashed?

Two Boeing 737 Max 8s crashed, killing 346 people. After two fatal 737 Max 8 crashes, which killed 346 people, Boeing is in a hurry to repair one of its newest and most critical aircraft models.

Is the Dreamliner safe?

In another black eye for Boeing, this time, The New York Times unveiled a cutting-edge exhibit featuring a flagship line of Boeing jets, the 787 Dreamliner, detailing potential safety concerns. Unlike Max, a Dreamliner has never been involved in a crash or serious accident since its introduction in 2009.

What's wrong with the 737 Max?

Boeing discovered a new problem with the 737 Max that increases the likelihood of ground jets being delayed in flight. The new problem that became known on Friday concerns a function of the aircraft's computer. The problem can occur when the flight computer is turned on.

How much does a Boeing 737 cost?

The nearly $ 90 million Boeing 737,700 is one of the cheapest models, while the $ 442 million Boeing 7779 is one of the most expensive on the Boeing list.

Is Boeing 737 900 The Same As 737 Max

What is the Boeing 737, Max? Boeing 737 max is the most advanced aircraft regarding technology it’s one of a kind. This aircraft has advanced and efficient engines and an updated deck design. The latest technology engines of the Boeing 737 offer very good fuel efficiency. This massive aircraft was built in 1967 and it was classified as commercial transport. It has 93 feet span and 93.9 inches length with a gross weight of 111,000 pounds and 580 Mph cruise speed which tears the air apart at the time of takeoff.

History of Boeing 737 Max.

In 1965 the Boeing name was considered a synonym for massive multiengine aircraft. When the company declared about its first jet. People gave it the nickname of “baby Boeing”. It was first introduced on January 17, 1967, to the world. It was the grand ceremony inside the Thompson site.

It faced huge competition at the very start from Douglas DC 8 and British aircraft crop. The seating in this plan was also increased as there was an extra engine added on its wings.

The square aircraft.

At first, it was known as the square aircraft because it was long and wide at the same time. The new technology of this aircraft saved spared the flight engineer to the company. Soon it became a standard air carrier. Companies like united airlines got their deliveries soon after a year. It became the most ordered airplane of that year.


The max 737 was more efficient and had advanced structural design having the lower engine for more thrust requiring less maintenance saved a substantial amount of costs to the customer because these expenses were covered by the company because of its latest design and airplane parts.

Reduction noise ability of Boeing 737 MAX.

Boeing 737 MAX had the latest quiet engines which helped in the reduction of noise. It also reduced emission to 50 percent below through limits for nitrogen oxides.

Gunnies world record by Boeing.

Boeing set a new world record of having the largest number of planes production of commercial jets when the ten-thousandth aircraft was assembled in Renton, USA.

Specifications of Boeing 737 MAX.

First flight April 9, 1967,
Model 737-100/-200
Classification Commercial transport
Span 93 feet
Length 93 feet, 9 inches
Gross weight 111,000 pounds
Cruising speed 580 Mph
Range 1,150 miles
ceiling 35,000 feet
power Two, 14000-pound-thrust P and W JT8D-7 engines
Accommodation 2 crew, up to 107 passengers.


Shortly, Boeing 737 was an elite plane of all time with the latest architectural design and massive two engines, even though they faced hard competition with large companies but still, managed to set a world record it was all because of determination and quality effort they put while making the airplane.

Why Boeing 737 MAX was grounded?

Boeing 737 max was grounded in March 2019 because it crashed two flights due to manufacturing flight control in Ethiopia and Indonesia with the casualties of around 346 people on the flight. In these twenty months, the company faced a lot of legal and financial consequences the company went through a crisis but is resurrected.

The company faces a fraud lawsuit, the company made a deal and paid 2.5 billion for a criminal monitory penalty. 1.77 billion for the customer damage to the airline. 500 million for the crash victims, compensation.

In these twenty months, they developed a new digital architectural system that would support the aircraft and after twenty months it was out high in the sky once again.

Recertification of Boeing 737 Max.

Last year in between June 29 and July 1 a series of flight tests was conducted by the mutual collaboration of FAA and Boeing. Each of them was bound to conduct independent recertification flight tests in September and august 2020.

On 19 August the company made an announcement where they said that they received their first order for 737 max.

Variants of max 737.

Boeing 737 max is not the only plane this company has it has a lot more variations in it some of them are.

1. 737 MAX 7

737 MAX 7 has the following qualities.

2. 737 MAX 8

737 MAX 8 has the following qualities.

  • longer fuselage than the MAX 7.

  • ranges from 3,515 nm to 3,610 nm.

  • lower landing weight and higher maximum takeoff weight.

  • lower than optimal altitude

3. 737 MAX 200

  • an extra pair of exit doors.

  • 20% more cost-efficient per seat.

  • efficient narrow body.

4. 737-8ERX

l* anding gear.

  • central section.

  • the longer range of 4,000 nautical miles.

Is Boeing 737 safe?

The safety of a flight depends upon the functions and safety measures of an airplane. The second factor which is responsible for the safety of flight is the piolet if the piolet is safe then the flight has got to be safe and safe means that piolet would be well trained and have the skills to understand the aircraft system he must be well informed about the system of planes.

The Boeing 737 max has all the safety Measure in it and the piolets are well trained so we can conclude that these flights are safe.


Put simply, Boeing reached its peak of success after making a world record but when they showed a little incompetence in the flight digital systems. It cost them two plane crashes and was grounded for the irresponsible behavior of the planes, but they resurrected as a new company although they bear a lot of crises, they got the recertification in 2020.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions).

People ask many questions about the Boeing 737 Max. we discussed some of them below.

1. Why Boeing 737 max was grounded?

It was grounded because it had two crashes one in Ethiopia and the second in Indonesia that caused a ban on Boeing 737 max.

2. When was 737 Max grounded?

It was grounded in March 2019 due to the flight ban.

3. When did Boeing 737 max got recertified?

It was recertified in between July and June in 2020 by FAA through a flight test to Canada.

4. How many seats are there in Boeing 737 max?

It has got 138 passenger seats and two piolet seats.


Boeing 737 max is a commercial airplane having advanced technology required for a flight, it has got a narrow body an extra engine, and noise reduction has an advanced mechanism of landing gear and thrust engine which provides thrust o engine while taking off.
It was grounded due to accidental crashes in two countries but they resurrected with world-changing technologies and were recertified.

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