Is Blue A Boy Or A Girl

Is Blue A Boy Or A Girl

Is the color of girls for girls or boys? ۔

I have a very pale blue sweater and I was wondering if it's feminine because I don't want them to laugh!

I think any color can be boy or girl.

Baby blue is the color of a very young boy chosen by girls. Choose a different color or you can just laugh.

Blue, pink, green, etc. Everything is beautiful. There really is no boy or girl color. It was just something or something decided to make the girls feel beautiful. Light blue is a beautiful color and I like it. Wear this sweater with style and confidence, girls !!

It's a solid color, the company usually uses blue for boys and pink for girls.

It may sound solid, but in today's world I think baby blue is more feminine. Baby Blue looks lovely to boys, but as they get older, people expect it to look sweeter than girls.

Is Blue A Boy Or A Girl