Is Being Too Wet A Turn Off

Is Being Too Wet A Turn Off

Is a very wet girl deadly? ۔

Hi friend ...

Tomorrow is my 19th, so I'm still very young, but I'm already married to the love of my life.

We have it every day, but I think I'm very wet. My husband said it was ready and it didn't stink when I got wet. I lost my friendship with him and he pulled me in such a way that I couldn't help but get wet.

Is there a way to reduce it? Tips people x.

No, it's too hot and most people don't complain! The problem was that he wasn't getting enough motivation to survive, so he blamed the wetness. There are many things you can do. First, find Kegel exercises on the Internet. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support them better. If you do them daily, you will notice a difference in a few months.

You can even walk for a while until you are satisfied, then hang and finish with your mouth. Or sing along and try to go as far as possible, then let it reach you. Also, try some different positions and see if any of them can make you faster. When he does, you can slide your hand under it and use it to gently hit him when he is around, which should work. The key is dialogue and patience. Let me tell you what works and what doesn't and be prepared to try different things.

Please believe me ... this is the only time in your life where you will react. In a short time, they will both grow old. When that happens, you both want to be wet and want him to wake up better. And I know you think that's going to happen from now on, but when you go through menopause it gets a lot drier and for many girls it doesn't hurt to get wet. You will never feel as strong, fast, or as good as you are now. In 20 years, you will look back and see that you had 19 superhumans. Be thankful for yourself and be accountable because it doesn't last long and when it is over it is over. I don't know anything that can stop you from getting wet, but if I did I wouldn't tell you because in the end you will be very sorry. Maybe you and your husband can talk to people in their fifties and ask if they felt much better when they were 19 years old. 19 is an old age and you are lucky to have such an amazing and welcome age.

The problem with excess moisture is not the moisture but the loss of friction. A different position or a little grip can help.

Your husband should not be bothered to know that he is turning on his wife. You can't stop or test, but a position that allows more friction may be the answer.

I think it's better to be wet?

I don't think he cares because whenever my girlfriend and I do this and pay he always comments about my wetness and almost says wow

Getting wet is a natural thing there, but I don't understand what it is.

Is he dumb, has he married someone who is attracted to him and complains? Your reaction is natural, but it will change when you think you have a problem.

On the contrary, it is a big change.

Is Being Too Wet A Turn Off