Is Ashford University Regionally Accredited

Is Ashford University Regionally Accredited

Is Ashford University good? 3


I thought of an app. Looks like it's split in half, it's a good school. So is this a good student or should I stay away?

Although the school appears to be regionally recognized by WASC, one of the six regional approvals on the CHEA website, it is still a non-profit school. In principle, your academic achievements will not be transferred to another school, regardless of the regionally recognized school. Scal was also regionally recognized by the HLC (University Commission) in 2013 for protocol only, but voluntarily withdrew its approval.

Other respondents are correct in saying that community colleges and / or public universities are generally much more accessible (and reliable) than for-profit schools.

For American colleges (including community colleges and public colleges):

I checked the security, but I think it's nationally recognized, not regionally recognized. You want the regionally recognized school to transfer the credit points to another college / university if you have not completed your education there. It is also a non-profit university, so consider how it compares to your local community college and regional college. Getting an AA transfer degree from a community college and then transferring it to a university can be cheap.

Is Ashford University Regionally Accredited