Is Appen Legit

Is Appen Legit

Is your research evaluator a scam or an archive? 3

I read a lot of reviews but they all said they failed the test. I only do this for study and only half an hour of practice. Not difficult

Now they asked me to fill out 20 introductory copies, but the initial email said it was not compliant with ADP (not sure what that meant).

I'm not really interested in giving you 20 hours of free work.

I'm a permanent student and lonely, and I can't spend my free time.

Does anyone know if he will compensate you for those 20 Euros? Or is this place a hoax?


(I worked without any hassle for Leap Force and Line Bridge, but none of them asked me to build 20 unusable simulators.)


** update **

I have received payment for our training and this is not a scam.

However, I suggest that other reviewer positions consider Appen. This project is getting ridiculous and it is almost impossible to get a matrix compared to other companies (Lap Force, Line Bridge etc.) no matter how well you understand the hardware.

The email I received stated that $ 1,520 was spent on active projects. You must return the work and Appen will tell you if it is payable.

I do not work for free and I do not work for any company for free. Working on an active project means you are working for free. Newspapers are used to create scams that ask job seekers to submit three ideas to themselves in community articles. Authors don't really have jobs, they just want ideas. It reminds me of that.

Apple diary

Now I'm worried that this is a hoax. I'm anxious to get my first 10 checks at $ 50, but I'm having trouble with my 11th چیک 50 check. I earned 1000 Global Test Market Points through a $ 50 check through your website on December 31st. 2013, but I haven't received my check for 7 weeks yet. I live in Singapore and for personal reasons I have no other source of income. I completed my studies at Mechatronics in 2006 at Temasek Spoor Polytechnic ...

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I'm a member of the Appener social media team and I got your question. Yellow, I can answer you! Apparently, you were invited to join the UHRS prevention exercise group. It is designed to help you practice as much as possible so that you feel comfortable in the action environment and succeed from day one! We've found that by engaging in pre-auction procedures, judges have a much better chance of winning the auction. Practical work will not be presented to clients and is a re-creation of work done by other judges. This means your service level won't be affected at all, so don't worry about making mistakes! This is just to help you get used to the process.

Based on the response I received from the project manager, I have a $ 300 quota for 20 completed Urs, whether they are auctioned or not.

However, since they do not ask for direct deposit (or PayPal) information, I am a little worried about not receiving my payment. We will see...

While you wait and see.

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Is Appen Legit