Is Accounting Hard

Is Accounting Hard

What makes accounting difficult? 3

I plan to do a major in business administration next semester, but I still have 1 or 2 keys to a major in accounting next fall.

People say it's hard, why? Would you compare it in terms of difficulty with business calculations?

Now that I am a Certified Public Accountant, I have just passed the final board exam in our country. Some people say that accounting is very difficult, you know why, because they don't pay attention to LOGIC and REASON, standards and accounting procedures that are taught under TRNT.

Business math is more difficult than accounting. Some accounting students fail because they memorize formulas, but this is not always the case. Accounting is about different scenarios, different business matters, there is no set formula for solving accounting or math problems. It deals with really large and complex mathematical equations, simple knowledge of algae and mathematics will solve the problem.

Don't panic about things you have never experienced or experienced. Some rumors may disappoint you, don't believe it. Just believe in yourself and believe in yourself. You can survive on this accounting course, study hard, that's the secret!

Why is calculation so difficult?

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I had to copy someone else's answer to accounting matters, but I thought she would say something about what she looked like. I'm sure the two accounting keys you need to follow are management accounting and financial accounting, and they are not difficult at all. I never did business math in Triangle, got B in one semester and C or B in the other in high school trigonometry, but got ace in both my accounting classes. It's really understandable and the math is easy, no problem. This is the answer I gave to other people, it helps, and feel free to email us if you have any questions.

No, they are not so difficult and yes, they require a lot of math, but you should not worry.

This is not difficult as long as you do financial or operational accounting, because both are important. If you are talking about basic cl for specialization, I will say yes for now, because I have got my junior level accounting cl (compared to A in financial and operational accounting) B.

In financial accounting, you learn very easily, that ats (everything owned by the company) is equal to equity and bonus (amount owed by the company).

For example, if you own a company, the provider invests in the company, say 10,000. The company has 0 ETs, 0 liquidations and 0 shareholders. Now the company has $ 10,000, so (e) it is 10,000. The money comes from the warehouse staff, so the registered capital of the warehouse staff is 10,000. You don't owe anything to Bc, idk, so 0 has no s / s. Now you have 10,000 (ets) = 10,000 (s / e) + 0 (s / e).

If you borrowed بینک 5,000 from a bank, now you have $ 5,000 (y, the amount is y), now you have $ 15,000 in y, $ 10,000 s / e, and if you owe $ 5,000 There is a responsibility. The equation still needs to be balanced, as always, otherwise you are wrong and you have to go back and fix it. So at the moment you have ets (15000) = S / E (10000) + obligations (5,000), still credits. There are multiple accounts, for example B. Money, stocks, land, etc. So if you buy a building for $ 10,000 (this is just one example, I know you can't), your building will grow (from 0 to 10,000) and so will your balance (from 15,000 to 10,000). Will be, but your accounts and such it will always be 15,000.

Mathematics is like that and it makes a lot of sense. I don't know if it sounds interesting, I think it's boring or stupid, but I appreciate it. If you have any questions, please email me, I will help you.

It's not that it's really that difficult, there are a lot of blocks that are more difficult than calculations. The problem with accounting is that it is a bit mechanical and requires a lot of memorization. But many students can't hack, maybe 80% of people are worried enough to know that they can't master the subject. No problem if you remember the rules. Don't be happy with debt and debt, or your understanding of credit increases your money.

Is Accounting Hard