Is A Jeep A Truck

Is A Jeep A Truck

Is Jeep considered TR or what? 3

I mean, I know this is an SUV. But I just bought a Jeep Grand Check and I don't like to say my Jeep, La Jeep, I thought it would be easy to say TR.

Is this acceptable?

The man I bought it from said tr, yes. They?

The Jeep lineup consists exclusively of sports vehicles and ATVs. Your big car is an SUV, SUVs are considered a light carrier, sometimes we really like SUVs and pickup trucks. So yes, technically we can say tr. By the way, Jeep will launch Jeep Wrangler truck in 2016 ... actually ...

In fact, I have noticed that many people on the West Coast call a dog a car when it has wheels. Caring for the soil makes the most subtle difference. In my opinion, the Grand Chkee can be called an SUV. I did this test in the Jeep Wrangler, the offspring of the first 'moving jeep' which was rated by the US military as one million / 4 tons.

DMV asks you to register the jeep as tr.

No traffic, no jeeps. I never thought of a very busy pickup truck. That way I look great Jim New Jersey

Is A Jeep A Truck