Is 5 8 Tall For A 14 Year Old Boy

Is 5 8 Tall For A 14 Year Old Boy

Are you 58 to 14 years old? 3

Hello friends, I am 14 and 1 month old and 58 years old. My father is 60 and my mother is only 5354. Am I tall for my age? And do you also think that I will be older than my father, 61 or 62? My grandparents are 58 and 510, but my uncles are 61 and my uncle is 6263. I have a 15 year old cousin (male) 57, a 19 year old cousin (male) 61 and a 12 year old cousin (daughter) 53, and a sister who is only 9 and 47 years old. My friends are 14 and 5260, I think the average age of boys is 55/56, but my two best friends are 59 and 510. And I have two other best friends who are 57 (boys), the rest are between 5456. But in my year there is another 511 ws and even a 6ft type. I'm 52 at 12, 54 at 13, 57 at 14 and I'm 58 now. Do you think that I will be 15 years old? Sixteen 17? Can you give me puzzles for any age up to 18? Thank you very much

It's great to be 58 at 14 years old. Also, you are still young and a few years ahead of your growth, so your current height is a good indication that at the age of 18, if not more, you will look like 60. Will run There is no sure way to tell how old you are at any age, as teens often have a growing period in which they grow a few inches over several months. This increase is usually between the ages of 13 and 17, so you will never know for sure. Either way, you'll be awesome!

Okay I'm 5 10 (about 59 and 3/4) and 14 at the moment. I feel very old in public, but not in school. People grow at different speeds. I grew up in Grade 7 in the UK and I was between 5 and 6 years old. And I haven't grown much since then. My father is 6 to 4 years old and my grandfather is 6 to 11 years old. The two had similar experiences, but my grandfather didn't stop growing until he was 25, which made him very tall. One thing is for sure, they have accelerated their growth and not again years ago and at the age of 16 they grew up. Including my father It goes from 5 11 to 6 2 in about 7 months and lasts until the age of 19, when it stops. I am considered tall in my year and 5 8 is not far from me.

I am in the same situation. I am 59 years old, my mother is 54 years old and my father is 511 years old. I am only 14 years old. He told me that people would be surprised if it did not reach 6.

I am not a doctor, but I have been treating height problems for 2 years. This is good news and bad news.

The bad news: You seem to have made a push and you seem to be missing a good shot.

The good news: You may have 1 gram more in front of you and it will slowly reach your height.

If you compare your progress to mine, I agree.


12 54

13 57

14 58


15 59 1/2

16 511 1/2

17 6

18 6 Maybe a quarter?


12 5

13 52

14 56

15 58 1/2 I am 15 and 4 months old and now I am 510.


16 511 1/2

17 6 1/2

18 61

My doctor estimated that I am 61 years old and thought that if you were in this area then maybe I would have 661 for you. Of course, only if you grow up like me, which is one of the many possibilities ... genetics. The other two answers you get are ****.

No, it's not like you're fine, you can never grow up, it's always good.

This is an early stage of development and having more in the family can be genetic.

Is 5 8 Tall For A 14 Year Old Boy