Is 12pm Midnight

Is 12pm Midnight

Is it noon or midnight? ... why is that?

There is no logic in the 12 o'clock system in the morning, AM means before the meridian and the prime is POST Meridian, I think at 12:30, the meridian has completed its cycle, so it must be 12:30 ۔ Hours, ie 12 noon to 12 noon and 12 noon to 12 minutes. When writing a program, it feels weird if you type 12:00p. M you ask Ht or day, Microsoft Excel thinks about 12:00 p. Teacher: It's noon.

It is noon

Is it in the middle?

Part of my job is writing construction contracts. The terms 12h or 12h are not used in the industry. We set a time of noon or noon to avoid misrepresentation. For military agreements and some governments, we use a 24-hour system, at noon and midnight.

When I got home to record a TV show that ended at midnight, I turned on the recorder at 11:09. To make sure the recorder is not damaged.

Well, logically this number must be 1 or 0. But it's noon. Sorry, okay?

You do not always have the option of entering the afternoon or afternoon. In most cases, you may experience simple rot in the morning or at night. The simple answer is that noon is midnight and noon. No one really cares about the post-Mary and Antimory trash. After Mary, a frame for discussion (short time) is formally in the Prime Minister. Since most weather events are so clearly related, it should logically be called 12pm and of course 12pm.

Is 12pm Midnight