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IRS Publication 463,

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  1. IRS Publication 463 means, IRS Publication 463: Travel, leisure, gift, and car expenses define business-related expenses that individual taxpayers can withhold to reduce their total taxable income. This document focuses primarily on contributing to the cost of IRS Schedule A, which is used by employees whose salaries are reported in W2. It also applies to military protectionists, skilled artists, state or local government officials, and employees with disability related business expenses who file a business expense report on Form 2106.

    • The IRS publication 463 describes business-related costs that may prevent individual taxpayers from deducting total tax revenue.
    • Publication 463 focuses primarily on cost sharing for IRS Schedule A, which is used by employees whose salaries are reported in W2.
    • TCJA significantly reduced itemized business costs, but provided a standardized program that reduced 12,000.

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