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Iron Triangle,

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  • Iron Triangle definition is: Under the term project management (also known as the project management triangle, its three boundaries and variations), the iron triangle (depending on the concept) refers to the three most important inputs and outputs of most projects. Is: entry 1 scope (or activity)), 2. budget / cost (or team), 3. time (or schedule or completion date) and quality of results (or performance). A concept is usually represented by a triangle with quality or performance in the middle of the input element and the triangle in each corner. The concept states that none of the three corner elements can be replaced without affecting the other two corner elements, as long as quality / performance results are maintained. For example, reducing project time (e.g., delay in completion date) usually requires more budget / resources or when reducing project costs / resources, usually time ( The duration of the project) needs to be extended. Possibly additional budget for expansion of project scope (usually due to project deviations, i.e. failure to comply with project scope / activity limits when adding new activities, deviations, opportunities, etc.) / Resources or time extension will be required. Project Duration However, in many projects, one of the three entries usually changes (usually at a loss) and, if no adjustment is made to the other entries, the quality of the results will deteriorate. Among other things, the concept of the Iron Triangle is as relevant as the design diamond, where the quality result is shown as the fourth end of the diamond, and this version of the model encourages a more flexible diamond approach. In this project, think of it as a variable, along with the other three inputs of the iron triangle. It should be noted that the Iron Triangle (or Diamond) model understands project management from a very basic point of view. However, the success of most projects, especially with large working groups, also depends on less solid partnerships, such as leadership, team motivation / involvement, communication, and so on. And it can be very affecting. It should not be overlooked in serious situations like the hard element of the Iron Triangle.

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Meanings of Iron:
  1. A strong and hard silver gray magnetic metal, the chemical element with atomic number 26, which is often used in building materials and crafts, especially in the form of steel. A symbolic meaning as a symbol or type of strength, endurance or endurance.

  2. A tool or vessel now or actually made of iron.

  3. A portable device with flat hot steel base (usually electric) for smoothing clothes, bedding, etc.

  4. Metal golf clubs (usually with the number indicated by the head tilted to smooth the ball)

  5. Alkaloids that contain high amounts of iron

  6. Use iron to straighten clothes (sheets, sheets, etc.).

Sentences of Iron
  1. This shiny metal is not pig iron, but hard steel that bends the softest wrought iron blades in a circle.

  2. Sealing sheet

  3. The sheets were pressed with an electric iron.

  4. Four shackles

  5. In fact, my mother and I washed and ironed clothes, if the minister forgot part of the story.

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implement, electric iron, mechanism, tool, press, appliance, smoothing iron, contraption, made of iron, contrivance, flat iron, device, steam iron, apparatus, utensil


Meanings of Triangle:
  1. A flat figure with three right sides and three corners.

Sentences of Triangle
  1. One sided triangle

Synonyms of Triangle

triangle, section, tapered piece, segment, slice