Iron Lung Bathroom

Iron Lung Bathroom

Do people with iron lungs go to the bathroom? 3

I recently discovered what an iron lung is. As far as I know, these devices help patients to breathe in ways that would otherwise be impossible. But what to do with the garbage ??? Will they be able to leave the room?

I grew up with all the polio victims. People with iron lungs are almost completely engrossed in things and cannot move much. And the doctor was wrong !! They are not taken with their close family without treatment.

I know many patients because they take us as a school group to sing at school and as a church group to comfort children with this terrible disease.

I'm married to a polio victim and now she's having trouble breathing and she's losing her hard-earned skills to work, but maybe not like everyone else. She is in so much pain now!

Well, nurses have special appointments for people with iron lungs. Some of them have ports on gear shifts. From time to time, people go out to clean their lungs, take a bath and get people back into their lungs.

Yes, that's great!

It will be even more difficult for people not to vaccinate their children against a disease that was similar in the past, just because the chances of getting another disease are very low. it's not worth it !!!

Living in the iron lungs

Iron Lung Bathroom