Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly,

Iron Butterfly Definition:

Iron Butterfly definition is: Iron Butterfly is an exchange of options that uses four different contracts as part of a strategy to make a profit from the price of a stock or futures that remains within a certain range. There is also a benefit in reducing the additional volatility in trade. The key to using this trade as part of a successful trading strategy is to evaluate when the overall option price falls. This usually occurs during background movement or a slight upward trend. This trade is also known as the Iron Fly.

  • Fluctuations in the Iron Butterfly Trade. Used to take advantage of price movements in a narrow range during periods of apparent decline.
  • The trading structure is synonymous with short call with long call options and long call options for security.
  • Traders need to be aware of commissions to ensure that they can use this technique effectively in their accounts.
  • Traders should be aware that when their trade ends, it may cause them to buy stocks.

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