How Do You Define Ira?

  1. An individual retirement account is a tax-deductible retirement plan created by the individual and not the employer.

  2. A simple definition of Ira is: An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an account that you can use to save for retirement, whether it is tax deductible or tax exempt. There are many different types of IRAs, but the most common are Roth, Conventional and Transitional IRAs. In IRA, some people invest in mutual funds or stocks, while others choose banking products such as CDs and money market savings accounts. Each IRA has specific qualification requirements and unique characteristics.

Meanings of Ira

  1. Individual retirement accounts.

  2. Irish Republican Army

Synonyms of Ira

self-funded retirement plan , tax-free savings account , Roth IRA , Keogh plan , retirement plan