IPO (Initial Public Offering)

IPO (Initial Public Offering),

What is The Meaning of IPO (Initial Public Offering)?

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering) refers to Early public offering. When shares of a company are first offered for sale.


Literal Meanings of IPO (Initial Public Offering)


Meanings of IPO:
  1. Abbreviation for IPO.

Sentences of IPO
  1. Only half of the proceeds from the IPO will be used to repay the existing debt of 42 3,423 million.


Meanings of Initial:
  1. Occurs in the present or beginning.

  2. The first letter of a name or word, usually the name of a person or word that is part of a sentence.

  3. Mark or sign (document) with your letters for verification or verification.

Sentences of Initial
  1. Our first impression is positive.

  2. Their initial names are inscribed on tree trunks.

  3. This person signed three terms.

Synonyms of Initial

superscribe, elementary, acronym, primary, foundational, initial letter, endorse, fledgling, early, underwrite, test, first, autograph, inaugural, beginning letter, earliest, inchoate, sign, preliminary, pilot, opening, initialism


Meanings of Public:
  1. Or in the whole city

  2. In facts, senses or sight.

  3. Provided by the state or on the premises of a free trade company.

  4. For university, from, or acting.

  5. Simple society in general

  6. Abbreviation for general.

Sentences of Public
  1. Public attention

  2. The Wall Street Journal apologizes publicly.

  3. Public procurement

  4. Overall test results

  5. The library is open to the public.

Synonyms of Public

civil, general, ratepayers, published, nationalized, citizens, social, people, general public, shared, population, electorate, municipal, collective, country, electors, state, popular, urban, publicized, government, democratic, metropolitan, exposed, universal, national, federal, populace, widely known, constitutional


Meanings of Offering:
  1. Something was offered, especially as a gift.

  2. An offer or offer to accept or reject (someone) as needed.

  3. Offer (access or opportunity)

  4. Enter something to evaluate its appearance or fit.

Sentences of Offering
  1. Everyone picks up their offers and brings them to the buyer's booth.

  2. May I buy you a drink?

  3. The coastal road provides easy access to the nine valleys of Antrim.

  4. Filling plate offered and bolts.

Synonyms of Offering

afford, present itself, happen, propose, handout, advance, widow's mite, recommend, occur, donative, purvey, donation, give, hold out, render, put in a bid of, show itself, provide, present, make available, alms, submit, suggest, supply, benefaction, come up with