Definition of Ionization:

  1. Process in which an atom or molecule acquires a positive charge (by losing electrons) or negative charge (by gaining electrons).

Synonyms of Ionization

Alpha decay, Anion, Atom-chipping, Atom-smashing, Atomic disintegration, Atomic reaction, Atomization, Beta decay, Bombardment, Breeding, Bullet, Cation, Chain reaction, Cleavage, Disintegration series, Dissociation, Electrocoating, Electroetching, Electrogalvanization, Electrogilding, Electrograving, Electrolysis, Electrolyte, Electroplating, Exchange reaction, Fission, Fission reaction, Galvanization, Gamma decay, Ion, Ionogen, Neutron reaction, Nonelectrolyte, Nonreversible reaction, Nuclear fission, Nucleization, Photodisintegration, Proton gun, Proton reaction, Reversible reaction, Splitting the atom, Stimulation, Target, Thermonuclear reaction

Meaning of Ionization & Ionization Definition